Fortune Cookies - In Bed
Add some excitement to your next Fortune Cookie message!
At the very least, you too can become a Fortune Cookie writer...

The next time you are with a group of people at a Chinese restaurant, when they bring you the Fortune Cookies, make sure that everyone in your group opens their Fortune Cookie in front of everyone – and reads out their fortune message… BUT at the end of their message, they have to add the words, “In Bed”… here’s what could happen!

A balance is needed between home and business in bed.
A brown-eyed stranger will be instrumental in your success in bed.
A carefree life will be yours in bed.
A certain someone will appear who could enhance your life in bed.
A challenge is near in bed.
A change of heart may lead to a new living environment in bed.
A certain someone will appear who could enhance your life in bed.
A close friend reveals a hidden talent in bed.
A companion is an added strength in bed.
A delicious low-calory meal is in your future in bed.
A distant romance will begin to look more promising in bed.
A dramatic change of scenery is in store for you in bed.
A financial venture will turn a profit sooner than expected in bed.
A firm friendship will prove the foundation on your success in life in bed.
A friend will be important to you & your forthcoming success in bed.
A friend will bear great news in bed.
A friend will soon bring you a present in bed.
A girlfriend is like a bottle of wine, and a wife is like a wine bottle in bed.
A good reputation is something to prize and cherish in bed.
A good time to start something new in bed.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step in bed.
A loved one’s concerns are of utmost importance at this time in bed.
A man with brown eyes has a surprise for you in bed.
A messenger will soon bring good tidings in bed.
A new approach will bring you greater career success in bed.
A new chapter in your life is being written in bed.
A newcomer in your life is becoming more important in bed.
A newspaper item will soon happily affect you in bed.
A package or letter is important to you tomorrow in bed.
A partnership shall prove successful in bed.
A personal relationship will become more fulfilling in bed.
A pleasant surprise is in store for you in bed.
A refreshing change is in your future in bed.
A resort area will be part of your next holiday plans in bed.
A romantic interlude may have to be postponed in bed.
A short stranger will soon enter your life in bed.
A short trip is favoured at this time in bed.
A small act of charity will go a long way in bed.
A sudden change in plans will lead to good fortune in bed.
A tantalizing new prospect will come your way in bed.
A television program will give you great impetus in bed.
A tempting project will soon present itself to you in bed.
A thing of beauty shall bring you great joy in bed.
A thrilling time is ahead for you in bed.
A thrilling time is in your immediate future in bed.
A trip by air is in your future in bed.
A trip is in your future in bed.
A very important personal discussion will take place today in bed.
A very useful tool will soon be a big part of your life in bed.
A welcome change is about to happen in bed.
A windfall is coming for you in bed.
A worthy cause will appreciate your generosity in bed.
Accept no substitutes for that which is genuine in bed.
Accept the next proposition you hear in bed.
Achieving peace of mind is a most worthwhile goal in bed.
Act now for good results in the spring in bed.
Affairs of the heart shall bring you deep joy in bed.
All facets of your life are looking up in bed.
All goes well with your personal life in bed.
All your hard work will soon pay off in bed.
An accidental meeting will be to your advantage in bed.
An alien of some sort will be appearing to you shortly in bed.
An appeal for some assistance may catch you off guard in bed.
An important position shall soon be yours in bed.
An important telephone call will soon be made to you in bed.
An interesting project is pending in bed.
An official document will arrive soon in bed.
An old friend will be your source of strength in bed.
An old friend will try to contact you in bed.
An outgoing attitude is the key to your efforts in bed.
An outstanding opportunity will soon present itself in bed.
An unexpected call could be pleasing to a good friend in bed.
Answer just what your heart prompts you in bed.
At the end of the month you will gain more peace of mind in bed.
Avoid taking unnecessary risks in bed.

Back away from individuals who are impulsive in bed.
Be assertive and you will win in bed.
Be cautious at this time in bed.
Be content to play a quiet role behind the scenes today in bed.
Be generous, and the favor will be returned within the week in bed.
Be mischievous and you will not be lonesome in bed.
Be patient if some luxuries are not out of your reach in bed.
Be receptive to making new friends today in bed.
Be sympathetic and you will get a new insight in your dealings in bed.
Behind every able man there are other able men in bed.
Being on time will aid you to succeed this month in bed.
Being the first to try something new could be great in bed.
Brighter prospects can originate from a change of heart in bed.
By next month, your added responsibilities will be alleviated in bed.

Calm, poise & balance will help your life to flourish in bed.
Catch up with various neglected chores in bed.
Cherish home and family as a special treasure in bed.
Children will contribute to your cheerfulness in bed.
Children will play an important role in your life in bed.
Clarity of mind helps in decision making in bed.
Compassion is very much a part of you in bed.
Concentrate on financial matters until the end of the month in bed.
Confucius say, “Virgin like balloon one prick, all gone in bed.
Contact those who share your interest in a project in bed.
Contentment will be your key to happiness in bed.
Cope with current pressures without losing your cool in bed.
Counting time is not as important as making time count in bed.
Courage  and optimism are your best traits in bed.
Culture and custom of China attract you in bed.

Deal only with firms of proven reliability in bed.
Decide what you want and go for it in bed.
Desires that are not extravagant will be granted in bed.
Diversify your interests for fewer worries in bed.
Don’t be hasty; prosperity will knock on your door soon in bed.
Don’t forget, you are always on our minds in bed.
Don’t lose sight of what you want in bed.
Don’t steal, the government hates competition in bed.
Doors shall soon open for you in bed.

Easy times are ahead for you in bed.
Eat me in bed.
Energy will abound next month in bed.
Enjoy the good luck a companion brings you in bed.
Enjoy the meal? Buy one to go in bed.
Enjoy your good company, they are true friends in bed.
Enter her like a Tiger and be vigorous like a Bull in bed.
Even a brief pause to rest should be worth taking now in bed.
Everyone agrees you are the best in bed.
Everything takes longer than you think in bed.
Executive ability in your makeup will lead you to success in bed.

Fall shall see all your cares and worries slip away in bed.
Family relationships will improve with time in bed.
Feelings of goodwill to all should lighten your mood in bed.
Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs in bed.
Financial security is just around the corner in bed.
Financial success is on your doorstep in bed.
Find some time to look up some older relatives in bed.
Find the road to your happiness by helping others in bed.
Follow the advice of your heart in bed.
Follow your heart and you will find happiness in bed.
Follow your instincts, they are valid in bed.
Following inner promptings brings quiet accomplishment in bed.
Fortune is on your side. Play it for all it’s worth in bed.
Fortune smiles upon you at this time in bed.
Friends long absent are coming back to you in bed.
Fruits of your labour will be rich and sweet indeed in bed.
Fun and excitement will soon be yours in bed.
Functioning superbly will come automatically to you in bed.

Get to the nitty-gritty of things in all dealings in bed.
Get together with associates for beneficial decisions in bed.
Get your schedule into a shape you can manage easily in bed.
Give it time and it will work out in bed.
Give time and thought to everything you do in bed.
Give your business interests top priority next month in bed.
Give your undivided attention to things that are basic in bed.
Go easy, be moderate and patient in bed.
Golden investment opportunities are arising in bed.
Good common sense will help you master life in bed.
Good fortune will soon find you in bed.
Good health will be yours for a long time in bed.
Good news is on the way in bed.
Good news will come to you from far away in bed.
Good things are said about you in bed.
Good things come in small packages in bed.
Great things happen after having fun in bed.
Great thoughts will come from the heart in bed.

Happiness is contagious, scatter the seed in bed.
Happy events will take place shortly in your home in bed.
Heaven will rain success on you in bed.
Home entertainment ought to be extra successful now in bed.

I have a mysterious history in bed.
I will eat all my veggies in bed.
Ideas are like children; there are none so wonderful as your own in bed.
If bargain hunting, be practical in bed.
If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic in bed.
If planning study or training, now is the time to go ahead in bed.
If you have any doubts at all, hold off on decisions in bed.
If you have money in hand, spend it on improving yourself in bed.
If you work seriously, you will succeed in bed.
Important associates will be there for you if needed in bed.
Important decisions must be made, don’t avoid making them in bed.
Important news about your job will come soon in bed.
Indulge your ambitious nature in bed.
Inspiration within is waiting for you. It’s time to go deep in bed.
It could be better but it’s good enough in bed.
It will take maturity and compromise to manage in bed.

Joint ventures work out better than going it alone in bed.
Joy will come with the return of a dear friend in bed.
Judge one not by his charms, but by his qualities in bed.

Keep a “go-for-it” attitude and you are sure to be a winner in bed.
Keep expectations reasonable in bed.
Keep up the good work. You will be rewarded in bed.
Keep your plans secret for now in bed.

Lady luck will soon visit you in bed.
Let intuition rule this month, and you will find success in bed.
Let no one cause you to violate your principles in bed.
Life is not a struggle, it’s a wiggle in bed.
Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure in bed.
Life will shower happiness upon you in bed.
Listen to your intuition this month in bed.
Look around - happiness is trying to catch you in bed.
Look deeply within to root out negative attitudes in bed.
Look for a priceless bit of news from a loved one in bed.
Look for new outlets for your own creative abilities in bed.
Look for some bargains this month in bed.
Look to the coming month for a solution to your problem in bed.
Love begets love in bed.
Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure in bed.
Listen to your intuition this month in bed.
Love is like war; easy to begin but hard to stop in bed.
Love is like wildflowers; it is often found in the most unlikely places in bed.
Love is the triumph of “horny” over “smart” in bed.
Luck begins to soar as high as your ambition in bed.
Luck is on your side if you have patience in bed.
Luck is on your side this month in bed.
Luck will soon visit you in bed.
Luck will visit you on the next new moon in bed.
Luck with your job and money will put you into good humour in bed.

Make allowances for exaggeration on someone’s part in bed.
Make no rash moves for now in bed.
Make the most of a period of relative peace and harmony in bed.
Make two grins grow where there was only a grouch before in bed.
Make up your mind and do what you want to do in bed.
Make use of new contacts recently established in bed.
Make use of whatever advanced technology is available in bed.
Make way for new career decisions in bed.
Many a false step is made by standing still in bed.
Many ideals are becoming real in bed.
May life throw you a pleasant curve in bed.
Mighty forces will come to your aid in bed.
Minimize expectations to avoid being disappointed in bed.
Moneywise, you are lucky this month in bed.
More money and travel is in your future in bed.
Move slowly but surely to success in bed.

Never compare yourself to the best others can do, but to the best that you can do in bed.
New contacts will make you more serious in your outlook in bed.
New financial resources will soon become available to you in bed.
Next month will be a special month for you in bed.
Next month will be hectic, yet delightful in bed.
Next month will prove to be pivotal in your life in bed.
Next month you will be a big hit socially in bed.
Next week you should unveil your idea. Be ready to act in bed.
No more empty fortune cookies in bed.
Now is a good time to finish off old business in bed.
Now is a good time to start something new in bed.
Now is the time in bed.
Now is the time to depart from your regular routine in bed.
Now is the time to enjoy trying something new in bed.
Now is the time to resolve all unfinished business in bed.
Now is the time to set priorities in bed.
Now is the time to set your sights high and go for it in bed.
Now is the time to try something new in bed in bed.

Old acquaintances are important this week in bed.
On the first week of the next month do something just for you in bed.
Opportunities to shine in your career will materialize soon in bed.
Optimism & versatility are your strengths in bed.
Others’ thought waves are easy to tune into now in bed.

Past inspirations & experiences will be helpful in your job in bed.
People find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner in bed.
People will listen to you and could be willing to help in bed.
People you deal with will be more co-operative than usual in bed.
Persistence will lead to a promotion soon in bed.
Pick another fortune cookie in bed.
Play it safe next month, and it will be a great one in bed.
Play nice with others and they will play nice with you in bed.
Practice makes perfect in bed.
Prosperity & love are in reach in bed.

Recreational interests may command your attention in bed.
Re-decorating will be in your plans in bed.
Relax and concentrate on your career plans in bed.
Relax and romance will flourish in bed.
Relax and spend some time with a loved one in bed.
Rely on long time friends to give you advice in bed.
Research shall bring considerable success with great results in bed.
Resist a temptation to take shortcuts of any kind in bed.
Revisit old friends, it has been far too long in bed.
Romance and travel go together now in bed.
Romantic interests will improve if you make the next move in bed.
Rough times are now behind you in bed.

Saturday night promises great excitement in bed.
Seek to establish your inner sense of serenity in bed.
Seize the day. Fortune says you can have it all in bed.
Sensitivity makes you special, but also makes you vulnerable in bed.
Seven & eight are significant numbers for you in bed.
Shady area make good place to sit in bed.
Share your happiness with others today in bed.
Sing and rejoice; fortune is smiling upon you in bed.
Simplicity & clarity in dress will draw desired eyes your way in bed.
Smiling can make you look and feel younger in bed.
Socially, you will be involved with an enjoyable event in bed.
Solutions will come to you while you are walking in bed.
Someone close to you will show you the way in bed.
Someone will look to you for help and advice in bed.
Something truly delightful awaits you in bed.
Soon a stranger shall enlighten you in bed.
Soon you will encounter a whole new world of opportunity in bed.
Speed is no substitute for accuracy in bed.
Step by step you will ascend the staircase to success in bed.
Stick to one thing, and all will come in bed.
Striving for the best will bring you the best in bed.
Success is a sure thing in bed.
Success is yours if you continue on the path you have chosen in bed.

Take a break from your usual routine & enjoy yourself in bed.
Take charge of your own life and decisions in bed.
Take pains to prevent getting completely exhausted in bed.
Take steps now to ensure success in bed.
Tasks where skill is essential may be accomplished in bed.
Thanks for joining us on our Wedding Day in bed.
That long-sought opportunity will soon arise in bed.
That wasn’t chicken in bed.
The answer to your problem will soon be obvious to you in bed.
The art of keeping secrets will be your key to success in bed.
The beginning of wisdom is to desire it in bed.
The cautious seldom make mistakes in bed.
The colour red will be important to you in bed.
The coming month shall bring winds of change in your life in bed.
The current year will bring you great/much happiness in bed.
The evening promises romantic interests in bed.
The full moon sees an increase in status or income in bed.
The glitter of gold will brighten your skies in bed.
The joys of leisure time will be yours in bed.
The last wish you made will come true in bed.
The longest journey is started by a single step; take it in bed.
The new moon will bring pleasant surprises in bed.
The project that you have in mind now gains momentum in bed.
The rainbow treasures will soon belong to you in bed.
The respect & help of influential people will soon be yours in bed.
The sky’s the limit this month in bed.
The social scene will be a lot more fun today in bed.
The star of riches is shining on you in bed.
The strengths in your character will bring you serenity in bed.
The tide of change approaches in bed.
The time is right to make new friends in bed.
The time is suitable for long-range plans and goals in bed.
The weekend ahead predicts enjoyment in bed.
The wisdom of knowing when to speak will bring you respect in bed.
The world will soon be ready to receive your talent in bed.
There appear to be many clouds but they quickly pass in bed.
There are good times ahead for you in bed.
There is a baby in your future in bed.
There is a tendency to carry activities too far in bed.
There is new hope for projects you had almost given up on in bed.
There will be a change in plans this weekend in bed.
This is a good day to get things done that require expertise in bed.
This is a good time to finish up old tasks in bed.
This is a month of opportunities, but you must stay alert in bed.
This is the perfect weekend to break routine in bed.
This time is suitable for long-range plans and goals in bed.
To get what you want, you must commit yourself for some time in bed.
To reach distant places, one has to take the first step in bed.
Today is a lucky day for those who remain cheerful and optimistic in bed.
Today will be lucky and memorable for you in bed.
Traveling down south will lead you to unexpected happiness in bed.
Trust him, but still keep your eyes open in bed.
Try to resolve contradictory issues with reason in bed.
Tuesday is an especially important day for you in bed.
Tuesdays & Thursdays stack odds in your favour in bed.

Unplanned activities will be the most satisfying in bed.
Use your ingenuity for unqualified success in bed.
Utilize your talent for getting things organized in bed.
Valuable information will be supplied by a child in bed.

Walk that straight and narrow path for now in bed.
Wednesday is the day to make your move in bed.
Welcome affectionate gestures from friends or lovers in bed.
When life gets busy take a nap in bed.
When one door closes, another opens in bed.
When the daffodils bloom, so will great joy in your life in bed.
When time permits, your personal life will be exciting in bed.
When winter comes, heaven will rain success on you in bed.
Will you marry me in bed.
With love, every moment is an adventure in bed.
With renewed energy, accomplish what you can in bed.

You always know when to be kind and when to be assertive in bed.
You and your loved ones will be happy in your life together in bed.
You and your partner will be happy in your life together in bed.
You are a bundle of energy, always on the go in bed.
You are a person of culture in bed.
You are a poor, pathetic, gullible fool who seeks advice from bakery products in bed.
You are a practical person with both feet on the ground in bed.
You are about to make a most valuable discovery in bed.
You are deeply attached to your family and home in bed.
You are extremely generous and always thinking of others in bed.
You are heading for a land of sunshine and fun in bed.
You are heading in the right direction in bed.
You are kind and trustworthy by nature in bed.
You are mentally alert. Put your mind to good use in bed.
You are next in line for promotion in bed.
You are no doubt obligated to do the proper thing in bed.
You are one of the people who will go places in bed.
You are one smart cookie in bed.
You are prompted to set new goals & discover new desires in bed.
You are sensitively tuned-in to loved ones creative talents in bed.
You are surrounded by true friends in bed.
You are surrounded by fortune hunters in bed.
You are sweet and kind in bed.
You are the architect of your own fortune in bed.
You are the centre of attention in bed.
You can be lucky today regarding your creative talents in bed.
You can be lucky today regarding your romantic aspirations in bed.
You can go ahead with a scheme long under discussion in bed.
You can go ahead with your new ideas in bed.
You can plan now with confidence in bed.
You can solve your problem if you exert yourself in bed.
You deserve respect and will eventually get it in bed.
You have a friendly heart and will be admired in bed.
You have all the assistance and luck this month to succeed in bed.
You have an ambitious nature and will make a name for yourself in bed.
You have an important new venture shaping up in bed.
You have artistic talent; do something creative in bed.
You have found good company; enjoy in bed.
You have got a way with words; maximize on it in bed.
You have the ability to touch many people in bed.
You laugh now, wait till you get home in bed.
You shall attain great wisdom with the passing years in bed.
You shall know good fortune in the very near future in bed.
You shall soon achieve perfection in bed.
You shall soon be rewarded for your endeavors in bed.
You shall soon gain the attention of those who count in bed.
You shall soon make a long overdue personal decision in bed.
You should be able to make money and hold on to it in bed.
You were born with the skill to easily communicate with people in bed.
You will always be surrounded by true friends in bed.
You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home in bed.
You will be a contest winner in bed.
You will be deeply loved in bed.
You will be delighted by an unexpected gift in bed.
You will be drawn to the glamour of the stage in bed.
You will be famous in bed.
You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands to in bed.
You will be happy in life in bed.
You will be honoured in bed.
You will be in the best position in bed.
You will be inspired to new heights of accomplishment in bed.
You will be showered with good luck in bed.
You will be socially successful in bed.
You will be successful in any gathering in bed.
You will be successful in competitive sports in bed.
You will be successful in your work in bed.
You will be the centre of a special group’s attention in bed.
You will be the guest of a gracious host in bed.
You will benefit immediately if you co-operate for now in bed.
You will blog about this in bed.
You will dance to a different beat next summer in bed.
You will die alone and poorly dressed in bed.
You will discover a new area of interest in bed.
You will discover your hidden talents in bed.
You will do well when you expand your horizons in bed.
You will find excitement in your working life in bed.
You will find Monday an especially important day in bed.
You will find much fulfillment with someone special very soon in bed.
You will find security in being with a loved one in bed.
You will get comfort from a new relationship in bed.
You will get the practical help you have been seeking in bed.
You will give some thought to a different lifestyle in bed.
You will have a close encounter of a serious kind in bed.
You will have an enjoyable experience in bed.
You will have an important decision to make next month in bed.
You will have good luck and overcome any hardships in bed.
You will have many friends when you need them in bed.
You will help someone in need in bed.
You will lead a happy life in bed.
You will live a long, happy life in bed.
You will make a change for the better in bed.
You will make a profitable investment in bed.
You will make a profitable transaction next month in bed.
You will make exciting holiday plans in bed.
You will make great gains in any project you undertake in bed.
You will marry a professional athlete - if competitive eating can be considered a sport in bed.
You will master any feeling of inadequacy you may be having in bed.
You will need good reading material in approximately 15 minutes in bed.
You will obtain your goal if you maintain your course in bed.
You will overcome your inhibitions in bed.
You will prosper in the field of entertainment in bed.
You will see success ahead; more money is in prospect in bed.
You will shine at some civic function in bed.
You will soon be blessed with unexpected good luck in bed.
You will soon be confronted with limitless opportunities in bed.
You will soon be holding the lucky number in bed.
You will soon be honoured by someone you respect in bed.
You will soon be in the limelight in bed.
You will soon be very proud of someone close to you in bed.
You will soon experience great happiness in bed.
You will soon face something new and exciting in bed.
You will soon find something lost long ago in bed.
You will soon receive an invitation to a sporting event in bed.
You will soon receive very special attention in bed.
You will take a chance in something in the near future in bed.
You will take a chance in the near future and win in bed.
You will touch the hearts of many with your gift in bed.
You will travel far and wide for both business and pleasure in bed.
You will try something new in bed.
You will use your ideas for great benefits in bed.
You will win favours when you expand your social circle in bed.
You will witness a special ceremony in bed.
You would be wise not to seek too much from others at this time in bed.
You would be wise to postpone changes until next month in bed.

Your ability to listen makes you wise in bed.
Your ability to love will help a child in need in bed.
Your ability to pick a winner will bring you success in bed.
Your ability to share will help someone in need in bed.
Your anxieties are beginning to clear in bed.
Your appreciation of the arts will bring new opportunities in bed.
Your belief in the goodness of mankind will be rewarded in bed.
Your biggest problem will soon be solved in bed.
Your business will assume vast proportions in bed.
Your career plans look bright in bed.
Your careful nature will bring you financial success in bed.
Your charm and courtesy will be advantageous to your goal in bed.
Your command of the language will open doors for you in bed.
Your concept of handling funds requires review in bed.
Your dearest wish will come true in bed.
Your deepest desires will be granted in bed.
Your dream-maker is making your ideals real in bed.
Your efforts will be well rewarded. Be patient in bed.
Your efforts will pay off in bed.
Your empathy will help someone out of a difficult situation in bed.
Your experience will help a friend make it to the top in bed.
Your expressiveness will bring new opportunities in bed.
Your fantasy will come true in bed.
Your financial outlook is excellent in bed.
Your friends will be generous with invitations in bed.
Your future is as boundless as the lofty heaven in bed.
Your future looks very promising in bed.
Your future will be happy and productive in bed.
Your genuine talent will find its way to success in bed.
Your good fortune will be clearly evident soon in bed.
Your good listening skills will open many doors to you in bed.
Your good nature will bring you unbounded happiness in bed.
Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life in bed.
Your hard work will soon show results in bed.
Your home is a pleasant place from which you draw happiness in bed.
Your honesty will be recognized in bed.
Your job needs more concentration. Success will be achieved in bed.
Your keen sense of humour will make you many good friends in bed.
Your kindness to others shall be returned to you threefold in bed.
Your kindness will lead you to success in bed.
Your labours will bear sweet fruit in bed.
Your life will be filled with sunshine in bed.
Your life will be full of true friendships in bed.
Your life will be happy and peaceful in bed.
Your love of peace will affect the course of events in bed.
Your love for will increase in bed.
Your love of sports will bring a change in your life in bed.
Your loyalties are clear when it comes to friends in bed.
Your loyalty shall be rewarded in bed.
Your luck will be good today in bed.
Your luck will soon be at a high in bed.
Your magnetic personality will draw people to you in bed.
Your mastery of every situation will soon prove very important in bed.
Your mind, being creative and original, will make you famous in bed.
Your most difficult problems will soon be nothing in bed.
Your next important purchase will be a bargain in bed.
Your originality will be rewarded in bed.
Your path is difficult, but will be amply rewarded in bed.
Your reputation for being honest will bring rewards in bed.
Your road will be made smooth for you by good friends in bed.
Your search for knowledge will lead you to high places in bed.
Your secret venture will work out brilliantly in bed.
Your self-confidence is warranted in bed.
Your self-reliance will solve most of your own problems in bed.
Your self-restraint will pay dividends in bed.
Your senior years will be happy & successful in bed.
Your sense of humour will ensure your success in bed.
Your sense of humour will be your key to success in bed.
Your silence at this time is important in bed.
Your social life could be very glamorous and rewarding now in bed.
Your strong principles will lead you to happiness in bed.
Your talents are in fine shape; utilize them to their fullest in bed.
Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded in bed.
Your talent will bring joy to many people in bed.
Your talents will soon be recognized in bed.
Your understanding will help a friend in bed.
Your venture will be a success in bed.
Your winsome smile will be your sure protection in bed.
Your wisdom shall bring you much respect in later years in bed.
Your wit will lead you into a very interesting situation in bed.
Your worries shall soon be dispelled in bed.
You’ve got BIG cookies in your future in bed.

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Bacon Munchies
Creative Easter Chocolate - seal'ed and hopping with calories
Chocolate Easter Bunnies
How to promote your business by sitting down on the job
Johnny On The Pot's Plumber Truck
How to put out paper fires at work
Blowing Out The Fire
Resuscitation for tired garden ornaments
Broken Potted Plant Art
Newest model Ukrainian work truck - Bubba's envious!
Ukrainian Model T
Elaborate funeral plans for the Cardiologist
Cardiologist Eulogy
Perfect fit for the man of your dreams
Putting Your Foot Down
Fun and comfy horse footy pajamas for the discriminating equestrian
Horse Onesies
Latest Olympic Sudoku Puzzle: #14668
Olympic Sudoku Puzzles
If Ikea made cars...
Chinese Puzzle Car
They don't make the wurst - they make the best!
What's your perception of yourself?
Caution: Slippery when worm-wet!
Worm Bridge
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