This video clip is NOT funny - it’s here to make you aware of
road safety dangers (from red light runners), and precautions to be taken!

Blindsided Pedestrian - Beware the Red-Light Runner  (1.5M) (PG)

Watch those intersections - this could happen to you
Lucky Day - Saved By A Dent!

Maybe red-light cameras aren’t such a bad thing...

In this amazingly horrific video taken from a Dayton Police traffic camera,
a PT Cruiser blows a red light and then T-bones a Subaru Forrester SUV.
The SUV then rolls over a pedestrian who didn’t wait for the walk signal.
What’s even more amazing is that everyone survived the crash, even the pedestrian...

It happened at the intersection of West Third and Edwin C. Moses in
Dayton, Ohio. There are cameras at the intersection to catch red light runners.
At least one passer-by witnessed the crash and called 9-1-1.
Police say the drivers got away with minor injuries, but
the pedestrian, 43-year-old Scott Tegtmeyer was critically injured.

Prosecutors are taking a close look at the video to determine what
charges the driver of the PT Cruiser could face. Investigators say
analysis of the video has already revealed some crucial factors:

(1) The light had been red for 28 seconds when the PT Cruiser entered the intersection;
(2) Tegtmeyer should not have been crossing the street at the time
because the crosswalk signal was red.

Investigators also stated that the massive dent left on the side of the SUV
(caused by the impact of the crash), created a hollow space that kept Tegtmeyer
from being crushed to death as the vehicle rolled over him...

see also  Car,  Emergency  &  Safety  Sections

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