No NHL? Yule Have To Spend More Time With Your Wife  (2.8M)

If the hockey season dies...
Tired of overpaid NHL coverage?6

Another turning point here in the NHL,
It’s been 10 years since we’ve been through labour hell;
Fans can’t decide if they’ll laugh or if they’ll cry...
Here’s what it means if the hockey season dies,
It’s something quite predictable,
But if they go on strike,
You’ll have to spend more time with your wife.

So take the autographs, the stick that you have signed
Hang them on a shelf while Bob and Gary whine
They’ll just take their time in striking the new deal
While you watch season four of Ali McBeal
It’s something quite predictable,
But if they go on strike,
You’ll have to spend more time with your wife.

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