Archives: April, 2001

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Property management tips

Apartment For Rent

How to get the attention of speeding motorists

School Crossing - Slow Down!

Signs of a men-only golf course

Ladies Golf

A turtle's target practice on the golf course

Hole In One

Pain-full way to go shopping

Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy

Chasing animals in Africa

Quick Thinking

That's the puppy for me!

Puppies For Sale

Martial Arts for pets

Kat Fu - Cats with Black Belts

The scent of freshness

Lab Work and Cat Scan

Lost in plain site

Cat Stuck in a Bonsai Tree

Who would want to leave the middle of Canada, eh?

Why I Love Saskatchewan

When you can't just sit around...

Lawn Chair Man

Strange animal relationships - offspring illusions

Genetic Science

When the Easter Bunny slips up

Easter Bunny's Rude Awakening

Hearing impaired chocolates all too common at Easter

Did You Say Happy Easter?

What are the odds?

'Lucky' Four Leaf Clover

Doctor pinpoints cause for patient’s flatulence

Hamster X-ray

Questionable employee list

Honourable Organization

The water looks quite inviting today...

Tricky Shark

Women with strong lures

Fishing Equipment

Ladies like to handle this cactus

Touchy Subject

Path to an alligator lunch

Alligator Path

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