Archives: April, 2011

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Driving and shaving don't mix - unless you're a Redneck

Perfectly Groomed Love Rug

Swapping nursing homes for jails

Justice For All

Easter Sudoku - for those with a Cross to bear!

Easter Sudoku Puzzle

Momentum runs high for upcoming Provincial elections

B.C. NDP Leadership

Bailing out on alternative transportation plans

New B.C. Ferry

Erik checks out the next course obstacle

Downhill Cycling

New 2-Step Tax Form - thanks, Revenue Canada!

Revenue Canada Simplified 2011 Tax Form

What's the best detergent for crime?

Archie Bunker Quotes

Market fresh - twice as good as their competitors

Pair Produce

How edible furniture eats up the office budget

Chocolate Couch

Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup this year?

2011 Stanley Cup Survey

Canadian mint announces new coin

Lounie Coin

'Next time let's bring our parents...'

Alien Seating

Bonus catch on a good fishing day

'2 For 1' Fishing

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