Archives: April, 2014

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Slow Down! You never know who might be in the crosswalk...

Mind The Pedestrians

World-First Records from a punster's perspective

'First' Class Puns

is Nicht Fur Gerfingerpoken


Who uses the most toilet paper in your house?

Why We're Always Out of TP

Raising the bar for an aging population

Respect for Old Age

What to do if your Dog does a Poo

Naughty Dog

Fishing for a better relationship

Great Crab Day

Preparing for an Easter Egg Hunt in Israel

Easter Egg Hunt

Making the best of road congestion

Traffic Hammock

Going 'Wild' for ice hockey in Minnesota

Minnesota Hockey Rink

Spring thaw reveals Boris's Lada

Camouflage Car

Bubba's directions to his special garage sale

Groj Sale In The Country

How trees and shrubs celebrate in an Easter forest

Easter Party

Undercover policeman gets arrested by one of his own

Police Arrest

Putting a face on your sewing ability

Head Buttons

Setting a perfect background for the next Olympic Games

Olympic Moon Rings

Crocodile attacks get close to home Down Under

Unnecessary Warning

Quebec voters give Liberals a majority

New Canadian Alphabet

Save shortcuts to your favorite printed web pages

Finger Pointing Bookmark

Bubba proposes his own holiday plan

Redneck Vacation

New 2-Step Tax Form - thanks, Revenue Canada!

Revenue Canada Simplified 2014 Tax Form

Hikers tend to stay clear of this tree

Hungry Hiker Tree

Timmy's is a Canadian cowpoke tradition

Canadian Drive-Thru

Hot air balloon rides for those who give a hoot

Owl Balloon

Gettin' ready for the roadeo

Texas Car Wash

Invite your friends to 'drop in' for a glass of wine

Kitchen Medicine Cabinet

Saving pennies to paint your car

$383.00 Paint Job

The trouble with practical joe-ks is that very often they get elected

April Fools Day Quotes

Thoughtful mechanic gives advice on what to do with low headlight fluid

Your Headlight Fluid's A Little Low

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