Archives: February, 2012

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Something smells fishy at the Fish and Chips shop today

What A Deal

The winner doesn't feel the splinters

Redneck Foosball

Just in case you're not smart enough to get out of jury duty

Clever Jury

Personalized license plate where the buffalo roam

Look @ My Junk

Obedience training starts in the pantry

Maybe Shame Will Stop Her

Fame claimers in recent years

Popular Trends: 2010-2012

Energiser Bunny caught and charged


Baring it all in the emergency room

The Toilet Seat

The Force is strong in this one

Star Wars Baby

Wilbur forgot to get rust protection for his body piercing

Tattoo Fountain

Getting out of the parking space was easy...

Parking Forever

Some dogs come with built-in names

Dog Named Dick

Making fun of the latest snowfall

Doodles Car

What Sumo wrestlers order at this restaurant

One Sushi Is Enough

Do you use shampoo in the shower?

Shampoo Warning

Burning rubber in the bathroom lately?

Supervised Motorcycle Wash

Backing up your best friend

Water Buddies

Some diamonds aren't forever

Belly Button Jewellery Contest

Alarm system for extended vehicles

Thinking Outside The Garage

Waiting for Little Johnny's add-vice

Same Sex Marriage (PG)

What's in a word - really!


Dial in to watch 'Kids Krocodiles'


Noone at work will want to take your sandwiches now!

Theft-Free Lunch

Personalized license plate for those on the go


European freeze leaves drivers snowbound

Found It!

Use your intials to Bluesify yourself

What's Your Blues Name?

Creative solutions to today's water shortage

Drinking Friends

Bubba's pizza parlour in the bathroom

Hot Air Oven

What does the Queen read on her throne?

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

It's my turn now!

Dog Soother

Announcing the birth of Baby West - the Joe-kster's 8th grandchild

Introducing Baby West

Wrong time to go looking for bird food

Bird Entrance

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