Archives: February, 2015

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Winter blahs!

Tired Of Snow

Portable Record Players make comeback in The Bronx


Lawyer libel to claim foul on new practice

Lawyer Expands Practice

A lottery lobbyist defends the lottery

Disaster Preparedness for the Lottery

Wedding present for the new Alabama bride

Washing Clothes Recipe

Crater lake found near Iraq border

New Map of Iraq

So that's why we keep running out of toilet paper!

TP Dog

Breaking News from the Archaeological Institute of New Brunswick

Lost Hyundai of New Brunswick

Latest in Redneck Senior Citizen Scooters

Redneck Port-A-Potty

What's your level of audacity?

Chutzpah Defined

Go ahead, make my day!

Clint Eastwood's Dog

Bubba found a faster way to finish latrine duty

Redneck Soldier

Bubba is the only one in his family who is a marksman

Expert Mode

Screening for junk mail

Threatening Letters

Winter snow sculpture in Europe

Car Igloo

Wisdom of old from Chinese prophets

Confucius Says

A cat that tells you when it's time to eat

Fat Cat

Paying too much attention to the squeegee windshield washer are we?

New Scam Alert - Beware of Windshield Washers

The cow can't believe its luck - if only it's edible

Top-Heavy Truck with Afro Haircut

Rotating winter power blackouts at TSN

URGENT Toronto Hydro Bulletin

Cruising down the river with the two you love

Hot Tub Boat

Bringing new meaning to a 'side' car

Motorcycle Side-Car

Cabinet defection has faces turning in Ottawa

Harper Does About Face

One person's take on winter this year

Sick Of Snow

Bubba writes poetry about his cold outhouse

Redneck Outhouse Poetry

Looking for good deals down the road

Cart Rod

Bubba gives discount rides to his family

Redneck Cadillac

Were those ten things you sent me important?

Moses' Computer Skills

When you know you need a new operating system

Windows Cell Phone

Answering a puzzling IRS reply

2012 Tax Return

When in Arkansas, stop by Bubba's 24 hour auto repair

Redneck Repair Kit

Affordable pumps come with less leather and more soul

Curly Heels

Using Kaizen for continuous improvement and operating excellence

Toothpaste Production Line

Dispute over afterlife virgins

Al Qaeda To Go On Strike

Choosing between a Diet Buffet and a Diet Smorgasbord

'Eat All You Want' Cafe

Looking for an alternative to the World Cup?

Football's For Girls

College marching band kicks a field goal at half-time show

Football Stickman

Would you swap your wife for a season ticket?

Aussie Rules Football - Season Ticket

Hamburger of choice for Middle East diners

McLaden Burger

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