Archives: January, 2010

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Designed to be implanted in terrorist's foreheads

Patriotic Microchip

When purchasing a bike, pay attention to its seat colour

Bike Seat Colour

My what a mice home you have!

Mice Home

Tiger caught Lay-in down on the job

When The Chips Are Down

As the co-pilot, can you make this landing?

Aircraft Carrier Landing

Capturing magical moments inside the tube

Waves of Hawaii

Bubba's stepping up in the world

Redneck Ladder

Conan “hands” over Tonight Show to Leno

Jay Leno Saga

Hey - what about me?

Warm Nap

Bid cancellation

eBay Bid

Leading to the Promised Land

Asses and Camels

Napolitano 'uncovers' another terrorist

Numb Skulls in Homeland Security

Tiger's new swimming pool is above par

Tiger Shark

Preparing for TSA security

New Airport Check-in Attire

What the USAF is without ammunition

Military Quotes

Tiger Woods has found a new sponsor

Tiger's New Movie

Keep your eyes on the road!

Sans Seatbelt

Heightened alert - new airport security measures

Laptop Security

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