Archives: July, 2006

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Life after the World Cup - another 4 years in the kitchen

Finger Football

Analysis of secret cake ingredients - this one's gluesome

Cake Glue

When a funeral sermon tanks

Soiled Service

When the chips are down, you can count on Las Vegas Churches

Las Vegas Church Donations

Have you been misbehaving?

e-mail From God

Post-Interest Painting Syndrome

Artist Appreciation

Is it time for you to get up off of your throne?

Throne Collector

Designated intoxicated parking stall

Reserved for Drunk Drivers

Next time ask Mom not to bring a cake... and the cake looked so good!

Mom's Lost Cake Delivery

How to cool down fast on a hot summer day

Head Coolant

'Pros' and cons of World Cup soccer 'action'

Soccer Sucks - Almost

Why attract ALL the bugs this summer when you only need 1 big one!

Bug Backpack

Down South people find a different way to get 'Tick-ed off'

Redneck Tick Removal

Search for the perfect woman

Just A Weeeeeee Bit

How to plow around the stumps in your life

Country Wisdom

Fishing around for illegal equipment?

Never Argue With A Woman

12 Step Recovery Program for Sudoku addicts

Confessions of a Sudoku Addict

An Extract from a 13 May 1955 'Housekeeping Monthly' Article

The Good Wife's Guide

Airstream campers can now fly anywhere in the world!

Plane Camper

Trying to stay on top of the water this summer?

Wave Bored Rider's Uplifting Experience

Bubba finds a way to get closer to his phone calls

Redneck Ear Phone

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