Archives: July, 2011

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Window cleaning tips for top floor windows

Window Washing Daredevil

Terms for groups of animals, birds and insects

Animal Groups

Can food be too fresh?

Odori-Don Dance

Too busy to strut around?


What happens underwater stays underwater

Alcohol Warning

Serving even obstinate customers

McDonald's New Customer

Lending a helping hand on graduation day

Grad Hands

Shortest version of Titanic on the internet

Titanic Trailer

Down South health care

Texas Ambulance

There's plenty of room in a Ford pickup!

Pickup Park

A-maze-ing sand sculpture

Kelp Us!

Was this picture taken in Greece or Vancouver?

Riot Safety

In Holland, houses are supported by Poles

Amsterdam House Poles

Veil of secrecy lifted for refreshing treat

Ice Cream Burqa

Birds of Hairsprey

Not-So-Bald Eagle

Why aren't Bald Eagles bald?

a real Bald Eagle

If only this building could talk...

Building Ear

Where tourists go - and don't go - in Florida

Florida Map

'Buying the farm' in an F-16 Cockpit

F16 vs Woodpecker

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