Archives: July, 2012

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Enjoying a good non-electronic read on the ride home

Nothing Can Compete With A Good Book

Record high temperatures turn poodles into puddles

Melted Dog

When social networking takes priority over dining

Going Out With Friends in 2012

Emergency exit to an emergency tumble

Rooftop Steps

When you won't need a restaurant check calculator

Guest Check

Teepee originally built for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta

The World's Largest Teepee

Houdini plans comeback in huge goldfish bowl

Fish Booth

They grow 'em big in Drumheller, Alberta!

Drumheller Dinosaur

Now I know why our mail delivery is so slow!

Dinosaur Delivery

Wildlife animal mounts preview an incredible destination experience

Wolf Attack

Italian food that's simply Saucesome!

Without 'Me' It's Just 'Aweso'

When a cure can be found in the next aisle

Diabetes Medication

When going the high-way is quicker than taking the stairs

Hazardous Delivery

Stopping behind an upside down driver

BLONDE License Plate

Community living on the farm

The Pooplex

A screwed up way of showing depth perception

Phillips Screw Faces

May The Floors Be With You

Luke FloorWalker

Hector found a way to improve his billable hours

Time Management

Sliding bra fasteners now outsell hook and eye fasteners


Creative sign of a struggling nation

We Had A Dream

Why you should be more considerate to construction workers

Caution - Struggling Workers

Bubba was the first in his block to install plastic ceiling tiles

Redneck Ceiling Tiles

Time to Wake Up!

Breakfast In Bed

The best view of paradise

Bar Lookout

Looking forward to English heritage

Inventor of Time Travel

Count on the RCMP to safeguard your premises

Donut Sale

Finding reusable space in the park

Lever Tables

Optical illusion du jour


Lose 800 calories in 30 minutes!

How To Burn Calories

Making waves on the highway

Long Hair Van

It only took 6 months of hooch for Bubba to create his wine deck curtains

Bottle Curtains

When soothers and bottled milk just aren't enough

Found The Food

Bud Light presents, 'Real Men of Genius'

Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer - Real Men of Genius

Edible music - must be used by end of summer

Watermelon Drums

Why Africa Air wasn't cleared for landing on the runway

African Airstrip

Been fishing up north lately?

Sought After Fish

Design flaws of the German Luftwaffe


Elderly husband gives a helping hand to his blind wife

Perfect Sight Golfer

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