Archives: July, 2014

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Putting the 'air' in Jethro's aerodynamic bike

Turbo Bike

Figures of Speech for a comedian


Strategy change from headbutting to making head-lines

Zidane Is Fast

Reclaiming lost weight wait time

Heaven Can Weight

Spawn weird product warnings

Outrageous Lawsuits

Moving vans are for sissies

Redneck Moving Truck

Hailing a taxi cab in India

Motorcycle Taxi

Blind leading the blind

Blind Bunny

Yes, Mennonite Girls Can Cook

Rollkuchen Sandwich

Nothing better than enjoying fine dining in your backyard pool

Redneck Box Barbeque

I've been framed!

Best Bike Lock

Uncle Oinker's savory products

Bacon Mints

Cell phone roaming - roam where you want to

Mobile Phone

Giant Texas hog hunt turns out to be bull

Boar-ing Nature Tours

Learning the language of give-and-take finance

No Mun, No Fun

Unpleasant notes to a Mennonite ear

Mennonites Don't Like Symphony Music

Bald is beautiful for illusive motorcyclists

Bald Helmet

Brussels convention for chocoholics

Chocolate Train

Safety first when working on God's creation

In-Spired Safety Tip

Don't look for me in a nursing home, just call shore to ship

Alternative Retirement Home - on a Princess Cruise Ship

This way or that way?

Road Directions in Tibet

Revenue fundraising in Australia

Police Targeting

Oil spill containment to create hundreds of new jobs

Canada East Pipeline

Please excuse me for interrupting your day

Canadian Car Crash

Why demand for Canadian Cows is high in Iowa

Canadian Cow: Whole Stein

Short Takeoff and Landing to honour Jean Chretien's legacy

Canada's Secret Aircraft Carrier

Fiddle = Newfie in Canadianese

Largest Fiddle In The World

Tacts on combining content and email

Email Content

Keeping a-head of the competition on the road

Motorcycle Helmets

How well do you know Canada, eh?

Canadian Knowledge Quiz

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