Archives: June, 2011

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Glamorous Paris: Les Toilettes

Restroom Sign

Little Johnny found a way to get rid of his brother

Push Door

Real audio of Tim Thomas congratulating no-show Vancouver Canucks

Tim Thomas in the Handshake Line

Tribute to Peter Falk (Sep 16, 1927 - Jun 23, 2011)

That's All Falks!

Sandra woke up having a conversation with herself

Split Beach Personality

High above the birds that fly

Hawk View

Scientists track down moving island


Where some East Indian kids get their sun tans

Wave Pools in India

Bart Simpson's music inspiration


Who were you cheering for?

2011 Stanley Cup Final

Bubba does quality inspection on his soffit repair

Eavestrough Cat

Bubba's iron doubles as a hot plate

Redneck Coffee Pot

Are your participles dangling when reaching for the TP?

Long Reach Shower TP

They could have opened the door for them, don't you think?

Porch Deer next to John Deere

Wife misses Stanley Cup final

Loving Canadian Husband

No brainer method of opening your wallet

Money Head

Cat in the act

What Bird?

Oh, the gull!

Brave Seagull

Helping out those caught in strange predicaments

How Did They Get There?

Bring on the Cup, Lord Stanley!

Last Canuck Supper

1/2 second before Tsunami hits Sumatra Island

Pre Tsunami

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