Archives: June, 2013

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Activity partners with high hopes

Sex at 79

How to use U.S. rectal suppositories

Obamacare Suppositories

If only all police officers were like this

Super Cool Ticket

Would you share your winning lottery ticket?

Scratch Lottery Tickets

Sumptuous leg hair hosiery


Tips on fighting your next speeding ticket

Traffic Camera

Always On because you're Always Blonde

BlondeStar - Emergency Road Service for Blondes

The best breakfast Papa had this week!

Cafe Cappuccino

To the rescue or Not to the rescue... that is the question!

A Real Man's Moment Of Clarity

How Bubba opens his brewskie

Redneck Beer Opener

The true meaning of 'running when pulled'

How Not To Remove An Engine

The real emperor behind the penguin species

Emperor Penguins

Traffic sign violation for new drivers

Executive Decision Time

Management going postal on the jobsite

Don't Upset Your Employees!

Vitamins for trees with iron-poor blood

Hungry Tree

How to spread your fire training to everyone around you

Fire Extinguisher Training In Turkey

Why you shouldn't take a flare gun skydiving

Flare Guns and Skydiving Don't Mix

Why men look to calcium for marital bliss

How To Reduce Symptoms of PMS

Hopefully, he will run for Parliament

Future Canadian Politician

Make sure you're there for the next session!

Laughter Management

After all, what have you got to lose?

Veet Hair Removal

Improper lifting technique to encourage back problems

Lifting Heavy Objects

Newspaper bloopers from around the world

Hilarious Misprints

Big rollout for a small parking lot

Parking Gate

What's next for outgoing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Mahmoud Plumbing

Should you eat that bacon?

Bacon Flowchart

No, I don't want to switch my car insurance!

Geico Car

Abdomen held in highest esteem

Prince Philip's Abdomen Operation

Additions to the English language by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Sayings

How to spruce up the neighbourhood

Robot Hood

Why Deshaun couldn't bring enough water back for his family

Water Waste Basket

Waiting in line again?

Hold It Bathroom

Signs of acceptance from the dog

Wait For My Human

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