Archives: June, 2014

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Gems of wit and wisdom

Ponderous Points

New European Community Official Language

Euro English

Bubba had a good beer-can fishing day

Redneck Measuring Tape

People are dying to drive this car!

Casket Car

Fishing just got easier for Bubba!

Floating Gazebo

A house not conducive to coffee drinkers

Swing House

Help throughout the years of struggle

Bedside Non-Assistance

Happy Birth Day for Joel and Jody Defries!

New Arrival

Computer virus spreads without electricity

Amish 'Honour System' Computer Virus

How Italians tell time

Italian Rolex

How loud is too loud?

Boom Box Car

Digging continues as Eastern Canada tragedy unfolds

Newfie Search and Rescue

Pedal Power where two Wongs make a right

Lean Two Transportation

The Practical Joe-ker guide on how to liven up garbage day

Garbage Day Special Delivery

Developing an appetite for a Swedish treat

Moose Cheese

How old is too old to have a baby?

Pregnancy Q&A

Some jobs come with extra-high perks

Roller Coaster Skiing

Recycling in Rio de Janeiro

Plastic Bottle Beach Art

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