Archives: June, 2014

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Looking for a bathroom bidet?

Long Reach TP

Getting a taste of McDonald's new Kids Meal

Dad Sandwich

It was tough to find a parking spot tonight

Parking Blockade

How to avoid food-on-the-floor germs

The Five Second Rule

Finding the fine spots of an illusion

Camouflage Dalmation

Letting go at high alititude

Stork Exhaust

What a bartender, friends and soccer have in common

Soccer Watch

The murder that took place 100 years ago that set off World War I

Archduke Franz Ferdinand (d) 28-June-1914

Gems of wit and wisdom

Ponderous Points

Bubba doubles as an Amish chauffeur in his spare time

Redneck Hayride

Who can feel safe with King Kong and Godzilla in town?

King Kong vs Godzilla

New European Community Official Language

Euro English

Bubba had a good beer-can fishing day

Redneck Measuring Tape

People are dying to drive this car!

Casket Car

Maybe not the best way to catch a breath of fresh air

Bus Stuck Passenger

Preparing for travel with a large family

Stretch Jeep

Preparing for every possible situation and opportunity

Cosmetic Car

Sign of a non-extinct sport

Dinosaur Bowling

FIFA's moment of tooth

Spongebob Suarez

Bubba enjoys a boot-i-full cup of coffee

Redneck Cup Holders

Shopping for 'Made in China' souvenirs in Canada

Canadian Souvenirs

Cultural etiquette: the final showdown of manners

Canadian Lemmings

Fishing just got easier for Bubba!

Floating Gazebo

How to make a Cappuccino face

Eye For Coffee

When the right way to go is the wrong way

Keep Right

Inventing the wackiest idea since the Segway

Electric Unicycle

Star of the work zone safety products division

Mexican Starfish

What a bird would see if it wasn't looking at you

Birds Eye View

A house not conducive to coffee drinkers

Swing House

Cheap riding lawnmowers in Alabama

Redneck Riding Lawnmower

When to wear your hard hat

Hard Hat Safety

What passed as entertainment in the 1920's

Inner Tube Swimmers

Where Kong has no plans to scale the Empire State Building

Russian King Kong

While Mom's away the baby will play

Join Me For A Swim

Help throughout the years of struggle

Bedside Non-Assistance

Rules for good golf etiquette

Golf Restroom

Best diet plan for hikers and hunters

Obesity Is OK

Why gondolas aren't popular in winter Venice

Venice in Winter

Happy Birth Day for Joel and Jody Defries!

New Arrival

Working together in partnership to create and prevent crime

Police Thieves

Bubba's portable BBQ fits on his portable deck

Redneck Porch

A dotted cross between a cat and a dog

Litter of DalCations

Computer virus spreads without electricity

Amish 'Honour System' Computer Virus

How Italians tell time

Italian Rolex

How to score an English goal at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Kickback - England

Indoor waterslide for stay-at-home entertainment

Waterslide Closet

Lifting exercises - one stone at a time

Ant Strength

Rising above the metal framework

Living On The Edge

B.C. Teachers launch strike action for better weigh-jest

Debt Sentence

Lisa's Dad can sleep through almost anything

Sleep-In Dad

An un-frog-etable story

Fishing Trip With Jack

Crosswalk for AutrAliens

People Crossing

Why you should drink bottled water

Refreshing Dump

You'll need a long reach to operate this 48-motor bike

Multi-Motor Motorcycle

How pets take a coffee break together

Every Day, Same Time

Aarav wanted to test out the merchandise before Mom bought it

When You Gotta Go

Don't step on gum - you might get some sticky keys

Keyboard Running Shoes

Sail away with an excellent fish recipe

Fish Boat

Building stone walls with mortar and inspiration

Stone Wall Art

How loud is too loud?

Boom Box Car

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