Archives: March, 2007

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'Bed 4 One' not available in restless sleeper mode

Perfect Fit Bed

When it absolutely has to be there overnight

UPS Fishing Boat

A bargain for the well-heeled shopper

Sandal Sale

Spend quality time on the throne - make this your next movement!

Bathroom Browser - TP Printer

Half the battle is not to be seen by your opponent

Invisible Motorcycle Race

Show your feelings in a letter

Wrap Around Text

Distraction therapy can work wonders for your golf game

Golfer's Helping Hand-icap

Newfies are just plane practical when dealing with lawyers

Don't Mess With A Newfie

Prepare for the 2010 Winter Olympics - ask a Dubm question, eh!

Canadian Tourism Questions

China's version of 'David vs. Goliath' in the real estate market

Survivor House

The end of the war is near...

Redneck Special Forces

Bubba - you've got mail

Redneck Mailbox

Turn your house into view property from every room!

Hang On To That Thought

Step into this pool... if you can find a ladder!

Swimming Pool For Sale - House Not Included

When Seat Belts are recommended for back seat drivers

Giant Slingshot

Cow Cookies for Easter

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Home Security - just a continent away!

Alarm Company's 'Remote' Security

Which is faster: Morse Code or Text Messaging?

Morse Code vs. Text Messaging

Looking for communion in all the wrong places?

Church Moments

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