Archives: March, 2012

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Flaming success of flickering art

Hot Swan

Things to do while waiting for your Air Canada flight

Airport Boredom

When you need cold stimulation

Barocky Road Ice Cream

Letting 'er rip during class

Flatulent Speaker

An obituary mourning the passing of a beloved friend

Common Sense

The secret of marketing: strong brand names

Breast Munchies

Just when you're preparing for a relaxing ride home...

Commuter Call

Sales are catching on fire

GM Volt

The ultimate ethnic joe-k

Restaurant Reservations

Some golf shots are above par!

High Stakes Golf

Now just one slice short of a Baker's Dozen

Value Added Cheese

The bottle of wine

Navajo Wine

The play was doomed from the beginning

Skeleton Opera

Charge your iPhone with your breath

iPhone Charger

Cup holder clip helps clear the tables

Cup on the Edge

Compliments men and women can't resist

Compliments Of The Day

Deflecting a power-full pitch

Why Helmets Work

Perhaps they're overpromising this...

Inspiring Funeral Home

One who would walk a mile in your shoes


Judging each other from a safe distance

The Stare Down

Can your Facebook status wait?

Pay Attention While Walking

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