Archives: March, 2013

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Where inspiration outweighs monetary gain

Jazz Musicians

How not to start a chainsaw

Cleansing The Gene Pool

Preparing for the annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny Came Early

Bubba had a clothes call with the Easter Bunny this weekend

Pocket Bunny

the Easter Bunny Snowman sends greetings from The Netherlands

Cold Easter in Europe

We're expecting people over Easter so I did my bit and tidied up the toilet

Easter Preparation Down Under

Gathering around Dad to hear a pup-ular story

Dog Fairy Tales

Almost getting a real birthday present

iPad Not

What Americans couldn't do: find a weapon of mass destruction

North Korea's Secret Weapon

Everything is relaxed on a Celebrity Cruise Ship

A Resting Lawn

Holstein Heating - latest in farm lighting

Cow Light

Taking advice from Past Presidents - a dream come true

Making This Country Better

Guide for getting the most out of your work tools

Tool Definitions for Dummies

This storage system is Vantastic!

Portable Wardrobe

Bubba used a hatchet to make his hatch-back


What goes on in a referee's mind during the game?

Referee Thoughts

English bathrooms for everyone's viewing

Inside Loo View

Taking in everything at the hockey game

Priceless Game

Where Henry got his first fear of heights

Baby Fling Contest

Israel's punishment for escaping slavery

Jewish Weapons of Mass Indigestion

This year's version of pick up sticks

Throw Of The Year

Baptist Easter - arising to the occasion

Resurrection Sermon

Nessie spotted in the Scottish Highlands

The Loch Ness Monster Is Real

Where only the choicest green grass will do

Goat Dining

When betting on 18 holes is a sure loser

Christian Golf

Evolution of dinosaurs finally tracked down

The Explanation

What the world needs more of these days

Happy People

Pope Francis chooses Woody Allen as his double

Pope Woody

Some people show road courtesy in different ways

Road Rage Karma

Old habits die hard in the new Vatican

Can't Get Rid of the Old Pope Smell

The guard dog isn't as bad as its owner

Gentle Dog

House building in Gnome, Alaska

Proof That Elves Exist

Why Africa is not a military power

West African Soldier

A country with a bark worse than its bite

North Korean Rhetoric

Finding a new use for your postal code

Weather Temperature

Modeled after Greek celebrations to express happiness

Anger Release Machine

Never argues, never snores, always agrees, always shuts up - perfect 4U!

Grow A Boyfriend

Sinking feeling with your TV remote

Almost Floats On Water

Tips for Dad on his next trip to the Far East

Vacation Sub-Plans

How to slow down traffic around your house

Gone To The Dogs

Musical chairs for leading Cardinal candidates

Behind The Scenes Pope Election

On to the conclave!


Elected on 13 March 2013, Pope Francis becomes the 267th Pope

List of Catholic Popes

Signs of Touch-and-Go flight training

Low Flying Aircraft

Inspiration from the Vati'can'

If I Could Do It, So Can You!

Finding your family tree and its political roots

Political Gobbledegook

Do you prefer a military beat or gangnam style?

North Korea vs South Korea

When your system detects an 'Unresolved Host Name'

Last Page of the Internet

And now for something incredibly pointless

Reading Talent

Good job, Gentlemen

Bieber Backlash

It's your turn, North Korea

North Korea Coin Toss

How to keep your eyes focussed

Owl Rotation

Face to face with weld-done alligators

Steampunk Gators

Clothing imported without the spell checker

Almost Made In China

Proponents of the horse meat scandal

Eat Horse

A restaurant's hard nutrition facts

An Apple A Day

Oncoming or Outgoing?

Reverse Truck

Hospital-recommended entrance plan

Family Planning Advice

Clowning around with hamburger health

Burger Purity

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