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The Blue Peacock Project began in 1954...

Chicken-Powered Nuclear Bomb

Can't get enough of this place

Illusive Animal Kingdom

Tracking herPhone on your iPhone

Wife Warning Ring Tone

Big fish that got away reported on the dock

Fishing Dog

Why you may or may not want to buy a Ford car in Toronto

New Ford Escort

Would you like some whine with your wine?

Quit Your Wining

Please excuse the Joe-kster for retrieving this thorible canine pun

LabraThor Retriever

'Beleaf me - raking leaves is a tiring job!'

Leaf Man

Animals and transport of load restrictions in Argentina

Sign Crime

For those living on the Wet Coast of Canada

Death of a Snowman

Business etiquette applies to all in Canada

Canadian Restroom Rules

Have a great time picking lovely local crabs

Local Crabs

Finding a relationship after finding winning numbers

Lotto Winner

How to teach a dog to read your mind

Good Boy

Where you're always on the right path

Hiking For Beginners

Spaghetti code for a Newfie cyclist

Newfie Bike Lock

Drum sets with purr-fect rhythym

Cat Beat

Tracking down big fish, wherever they are

Redneck FishFinder

Painful way to tighten up your loose teeth

Tongue In Cheek or Lockjaw?

Grow a thick NASCAR-approved hedgerow

Hedge Race Car

Discovering your true bearded self

Better With A Beard

Pleasing the unhappy Australian shopper

Satisfactory Shopping

Marriage problems that are good for your relationship

Husband Space

Canada - the home of cold storage parking

Canadian Parking

Getting a rest on the subway home isn't as easy as it used to be

Subway Hang Ups

Home alarm blends in with snowy environment

Snow Monster

A heartwarming Outback welcome from Aussie residents

Glendambo Welcome

Where free Wi-Fi includes relationship skills

Wi-Fi Free Restaurant

Exercise the day after St. Patrick's Day

Irish Yoga - Day 2

Slight of hand becomes figure of speech

Hand Speech

Mirror, mirror on the bar - who's the fairest of them all?


Swedish cop goes above and beyond the call of duty

Winter Parking Ticket

What fans won't do for their team

Diehard Fans

Square wheel bikes - for Art, and for Art the crybaby

Square Wheel Bikes

Need a power-full bathtub for yor' Redneck kin?

Redneck Whirlpool

Cold weather cocktails au natural in Canada

Canadian Whiskey

Nothing beats a hockey stick at a slow intersection

Canadian Driving Perk

Beginning cyclists not recommended on Holland streets

Holland Bike Lane - For Pros Only

Taking a lobster bite of Fish and Chips in Texas

Fihs Meal

Just horsing around at the beach

Horse Holiday

Mobility walkers for all ages

From Start To Finish

Starting the kids early on bronco riding Down Under

Down Under Bronco Riding For Kids

Model trains have prehistoric obstacles in Texas


Hope you don't have to go on your next trip to China

Wong Way To The Next Toilet In China

Why use your hands or feet when you can use your teeth?

Water Skier A-Head Of His Time

Turns out President Obama and Rob Ford were childhood friends

Cross Border Friends

How Australians add water to their Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate Filling

Snow removal in Canada takes forever

Perpetual Motion

Canucks looking for playoff edge

Desperate Canucks

Train safety that's up in the air

Bridge Out Of Service

Top secret warship heads towards Russia

Canadian Warship

When you need a lift, take your vehicle to 'Old Faithful'

Hydraulic Truck Lift

Gillis to unveil new Canucks logo

New Canucks Logo

Taking a byte out of a computer cake

Software Cake

Yamamotoa goes on a diet

Sumo Ballerina

Either you love bacon or you're wrong

Bacon Lovers

Truckers now sleep free of charge, protected from the elements

Truck Rest Stop

Build a ski hill in the middle of a desert?

Dubai Ski Hill

The party's cool as long as it doesn't distract the hockey game

Canadian Parties

Now everyone has the best seat in the house to watch TV

High Rise TV

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