Archives: March, 2014

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Tracking herPhone on your iPhone

Wife Warning Ring Tone

Why you may or may not want to buy a Ford car in Toronto

New Ford Escort

'Beleaf me - raking leaves is a tiring job!'

Leaf Man

For those living on the Wet Coast of Canada

Death of a Snowman

Business etiquette applies to all in Canada

Canadian Restroom Rules

Finding a relationship after finding winning numbers

Lotto Winner

Painful way to tighten up your loose teeth

Tongue In Cheek or Lockjaw?

Hope you don't have to go on your next trip to China

Wong Way To The Next Toilet In China

Why use your hands or feet when you can use your teeth?

Water Skier A-Head Of His Time

Canucks looking for playoff edge

Desperate Canucks

Gillis to unveil new Canucks logo

New Canucks Logo

Build a ski hill in the middle of a desert?

Dubai Ski Hill

How Bubba adds real gas to his fireplace

Starting Your Fireplace On The Roof

Canadian preparation for the Torino Olympics

Pre-Olympic Games: Canada 1; U.S.A. 0

It's always greener on the other side of the fence

Cross Cats

Pairs skating will never be more popular

Sochi Paralympics

Bubba spares no expense to protect his vehicle

Redneck Car Lock

Well played Canada

Worst Bet Ever

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