Archives: March, 2015

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Doctor's second opinion comes in 'handy'

Redneck Vasectomy

When men make cookies

Men's Cookies

Sign from Skandihoovian religious nuts

Da End Iss Near

Following the canine leader

Duckling Dog

What some Australians look like 'Down Under'

Small Aussie Babies

Elaborate funeral plans for the Cardiologist

Cardiologist Eulogy

Perfect fit for the man of your dreams

Putting Your Foot Down

Attract the Lookey Loos to your own soon-to-be-missiled vehicle!

Balloon Advertising for Exploding Results

Shamus tracks down podiatry problem

Newfie Big Foot Syndrome

Ultimate Sudoku

Sudoku e-Booklets

Bringing young people back to church and doubling confessions

How To Increase Church Attendance

Does your wife always give you sound advice?

Senior Bumper Stickers

Who is in the hot seat now?

Hot Seat

Watching your dreamboat nose dive into the harbor

Stern Warning - a Not Yacht!

Proof that the Detroit school system works

Detroit Burger King

Find out who you were in the past

Hypno Dog

Secret passage revealed

Monk's Story

Tracking the fast cat in the neighbourhood

Super Cat

Striking out in the batter's box

Irishman's First Baseball Game

Let the Irish siege begin!

Ireland Declares War On Iraq

What do you call a fake stone in Ireland?

St. Patrick's Day Riddles

Tall Irish tales

St. Patrick's Day Joe-ks

Finding time for a fine wine T-Shirt

Wine Time Finally

Try not to look up!

What's Under The Kilt?

Bumper Stickers

El Clima es muy bueno en Mexico

Why God Sends Rain To Mexico But Not The Middle East

Tips on the best perfume fragrance

Cheap Perfume

Bubba's holster gets wet with excessive walking

Cowboy Baby Carrier

Bubba is used to soggy hot dog buns

Hot Dog or Warm Dog?

Dog makes his presents known

Best Dog Costume Ever

Italian family research

Why Italians Don't Like Jehovah's Witnesses

What do Charlie Chaplin, Kurt Cobain, Thomas Edison, Lenny Wilkins, and John Lennon have in common

Waterfront Icons

Why it doesn't matter how far you miss your target

Scientific Hunting

Legal advice from a 'partial' attorney

Lawyer Priorities

Bigfoot sited in B.C. Interior

Osoyoos Sasquatch

Big stork announcement to come

Stork Delivery

Stretching one's imagination

Sausage Cat

Bubba's cool car draws lots of fans

Redneck Windshield Defroster

See a comeback between the lines?

John Lennon Lines

What moves you at a psychologist office?

Moving Walls

Feeling owl alone in the world

Winter Blues

Laparoscopic surgery for strange objects

Swallowed Cockroach Followed By Fork Chaser

I knew he looked familiar...

Somebody Famous

Why Cannibals like politicians done rare

Baked Republican

No more complaints from the peanut gallery

New Seatbelt - Perfect For Backseat Drivers

Iran seeks to go where no man has gone before

Star Trek Characters

Progression through many marriages

4th Marriage

Without followers, evil cannot spread

Leonard Nimoy Quotes

Physical Education - class introduction of the year

PMS Greeting From The Teacher

How to deal with inferior male sheep

Sheep Fries

What's moving - your head or the drawing?

Moving Dot Illusion

Can't wait to update your Facebook status?

Facebook Wedding

What's the best cure for truth decay?

Church Bumper Stickers

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