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iPhone app plays on your iPhone case

Best iPhone Case

Celebrating Ella West's 1st Birthday!

Hippy Birthday

Some arborists live and breathe their job

Smelly Tree

Looking for bare bones riders

Taxidermist Bike

Doctor's second opinion comes in 'handy'

Redneck Vasectomy

When men make cookies

Men's Cookies

You're no bunny 'til some bunny loves you!

2015 Bunny Calendar

Sign from Skandihoovian religious nuts

Da End Iss Near

Bubba takes his portable platter with him on road trips

Redneck License Plate

Interior decorating idea not meant for colour-blind drivers

Colour Car

Following the canine leader

Duckling Dog

Sour Krauts are good for T-Shirt and burger sales

Grouchy German

Free with extra drink purchase

Sonic Straw

Is your toddler ready for potty training?


We know

We Open

Do you suffer from double blurred vision?


Muscle cars in East European countries

Stolen Car

If it's in stock we have it

In Stock Guarantee

Allusion to Illusion

Stealth Woman

What some Australians look like 'Down Under'

Small Aussie Babies

Got a beef about your job?

Re-Cycled Beef

Creative Easter Chocolate - seal'ed and hopping with calories

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Newest model Ukrainian work truck - Bubba's envious!

Ukrainian Model T

Elaborate funeral plans for the Cardiologist

Cardiologist Eulogy

Perfect fit for the man of your dreams

Putting Your Foot Down

If Ikea made cars...

Chinese Puzzle Car

They don't make the wurst - they make the best!


What's your perception of yourself?


Signs of country music in winter

Snow Songs

Attract the Lookey Loos to your own soon-to-be-missiled vehicle!

Balloon Advertising for Exploding Results

How to avoid toll booths

Lo Rider Parking

Putting your best foot forward?

Foot Sign Language

Some dog beds are not to be shared

That's My Bed

Latest in pincushion hairstyles

Acupuncture Face

Grocery specials for cavemen

Dinosaur Roast

Shamus tracks down podiatry problem

Newfie Big Foot Syndrome

Putting only exercise calories into your diet

Into Fitness

Latest in 'Second Hand' Clothing

How Do You Wear This?

Concealed foot pedals almost make this a pleasant ride

Puddle Jumper

Ultimate Sudoku

Sudoku e-Booklets

Road safety is more than a T-Shirt reminder

Good Driver

Man's best friend awaits your brewing & viewing!

Redneck Dog Carrier

Making your own path through a winter storm

Winter Kayaking

How counterfeiting works in da Hood

Detroit Counterfeit Bill

Bringing young people back to church and doubling confessions

How To Increase Church Attendance

Frisbee for the friendless


Does your wife always give you sound advice?

Senior Bumper Stickers

Learning one keystroke at a time in the hammock

College in a Nutshell

Who is in the hot seat now?

Hot Seat

Bubba is pleased to take part in medical emergencies

Redneck Patient Transfer

Finding a new path around the latest dump of snow

Snow Detour

Watching your dreamboat nose dive into the harbor

Stern Warning - a Not Yacht!

A Brush with History: Combplete Hair Care

Big Hairbrush

Just when you thought it was Organic and Gluten-Free

Organic Compromise

When a selfie stick interferes with a phone's intended purpose

Selfie Stuck

Proof that the Detroit school system works

Detroit Burger King

An incredible story of luck and inspiration!

Feel-Good Story of the Year

Cheap repair for car cuts and bruises

Car Bandaid

Quantas fixes their Airbus problems

Safest Air Travel

How to hide Arabs at border crossings


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