Archives: October, 2014

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Pumpkin Cursor

Egyptian mummies never had it so good

At Home Grave

Predicting the next delay of game

Football Thesis

Ostrich Officer detail in Melbourne, Australia

Aussie Speed Bumps

Ever had a fear of beards (Pogonophobia)?

Language Weird Facts

How to block a water spout

Owl Spout

Little Johnny knows why ants do more than carry their load

Worker Ants

Looking for an eat-anything guard dog?

Guard Dog For Sale

Bubba's DVD gas caps come in byte sizes

Redneck Gas Cap

Taking the easy way down life's pathway

Horseback Dog

Does your broom fit?

Broom Size

Next time you come across an intruder...

Knowing Scripture Can Save Your Life

Windows for Pianos meets Nerd Vista - playing at a keyboard near you

Geek Piano

Some animals take too long to decide...

In Hind Sight

Today's dog has it much better

Dining Dogs

Home schooling for a barn owl

Owl and Owlette

'How much deeper do I go until the boat floats?'

Redneck Boat Ramp

Unique parking spaces in Europe

Shopping Cart Car

Looking for a different nickname

Chief Onestone

Messages for the hereafter

Mexico Gravestones

Ship does its best to annul environment protection

Environmental Protection on the High Seas

How to close car doors that don't want to close

Ford Door Lock

Sampler and Analyzer with split spit screen


Do friends at work help your morale?

Friendship Prayer

or 'How To Make A Blonde Pirate Patch'

How To Become A Pirate

Recipe ideas from Indonesia

Thai Cooking

Follicle-challenged toque gets head-e reviews

Brain Warmer

Choose your own destiny

Drink And Drive Directions

For those on the go who gotta go

Traveler Toilet

Owl be seeing you!

Moonlight Owls

Rust protection systems in China

Rust-ic Truck

Bare bones pet Halloween costume

Halloween Dog

If you can't live on bread alone...

Church Sign Generator

Are you headed in the wrong direction?

Church Humour

It's perfectly safe as long as the baby is strapped in a seatbelt

Baby Sidecar

The more you use it, the more fingers you get

Uranium Glass Keyboard

When two heads are better than one

Window View

Bubba plans to ski all year round!

Redneck Skiing

Martha vs. Maxine Recipe Cook-off

Cooking By The Pros

Another slow day for a barn owl

Looks Like Monday

Getting mooned in the pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Buns

Car problems when driving at night

Blonde Gears

Just following the Doc's liberal drinking guidelines...

'One Drink A Day' Schedule

Nature's graffiti

Circle Of Life

A man of few words

Original Homeland Security - 2nd Amendment

Baby brand extra soggy potato chips

Chip and Dip

High-mileage pedal-power car of tomorrow with eco-friendly backup

Car of the Future

Special request for the husband's 60th birthday

Birthday Wishes

Forgetting the people I never liked

The Senility Prayer

This one's worthy of a few artistic tweets

Do You See A Bird or a Girl?

Unconditional love... even in hockey

Praying For Their Enemies in Edmonton?

Looks like another long season for the Vancouver Canucks

Canucks Support-her

If my body were a car, it's time for a newer model

Time For a Trade-In?

Perfect Pose for Perfect Friends

Puppy Circle

Beware of crocs in Australian waters

Death Foretold

Bubba's home soda dispenser

Redneck Cocktail

Cheese-e way to keep baby safely confined

Mouse Trapped

A sign of the times from the REAL Hooters

Hooters Sign

These go well with your dog - if he 'pants' a lot

Dog Shoes

Artistic crop in the vegetable garden

Duck Tomato

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