Congratulations on meeting up with the Joe-kster!

I used to be a workaholic, spending way too much time @ WORK!   ;<(
- Cranbrook Electric Ltd. (Owner/Operator);
- Able Security & Alarm Systems Ltd. (Director);
- B.C. Hydro (P&C Technologist; Project Manager; Business Planning Manager)
- Piano Teacher & Director of Handbells (un-bell-ieva-bell, eh!);
and @ my past job as Director of Marketing & Sea-E-O @
Travel Seawise Pacific Corp.,  Vancouver, B.C., Canada
a Sea-E-O with nowhere to go!

We used to specialize in cruise-only internet travel around the world -
until the dark realities of September 11, 2001 hit our world in the travel industry...

Now the Joe-kster (1) Enjoys quality lifestyle time with his family,
(especially with the grandchildren);
Isn't he a 'bootiful' little guy!just horsing around!

(2) Responds to newspaper reporters,
(PS:  the Delta Optimist March 14, 2001 article explains how
all most jokes joe-ks have to pass the 'Wifey' test...);
Humour Hat du jour!

(3) Appreciates Vancouver Province articles on Hot Sites

(4) Relaxes with his mid-life-crisis identity toy
(riding a 1984 Honda 750cc Shadow motorcycle);
great license plate, eh?Biker Joe

(5) Sets up concert tours for his daughter Karla's Biola String Quartet group;

(6) Remembers painful past school days - with great friends @:
Vancouver Technical Secondary School (grad in 1969);
B.C.I.T. - Electrical Engineering Diploma (grad in 1972);
B.C.I.T. - Bachelor of Technology Degree in Computer Systems
(received 1st ever B.C.I.T. Degree granted in 1996);
& University of Western Ontario - MBA (Ivey School of Business VEMBA '99 grad);

(7) Reminisces about great friendships made while teaching an
English Summer Institute Business Course for Russian students in July 1999
@ the State Regional Education Center, St. Petersburg, Russia;

(8) Relishes winning a Halloween Costume contest
with his beautiful
Cruise Nurse outfit!
the gor-ill-a your dreams - complete with whine bottle IV drip!!!
(... by
cleaning out his competition with a special free enema offer!);

(9) Works out in the gym - building up keyboard muscles!
cranking out another groaner joe-k!

(10) Weightlifts @ Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

(11) Sets 1st Guinness World Record for 'Solo Handbells Marathon',
July 5-6, 2005 @ Penticton, B.C. (details @

(12) Sets 2nd Guinness World Record for 'Solo Sudoku Marathon',
November 5-6, 2006 (details @

(13) Creating 100% original & unique Sudoku puzzles (  suDoku by Joe!)
& publishing Sudoku books...

and (14)
Just does it with quality time at the site...

Here's the Joe-kster searching for the next great groaner joe-k!
I know it's here somewhere!

... or researching the latest DUBM joe-ks...

A no-compromise guy - why settle for a Toupée when you can have a Threepée?

Send me the best of your clean groaner joe-ks, and if it's (1) unique to the site; and
(2) selected by the Joe-kster as being 'joe-ksworthy', we'll mention you in the
Honourable Mention page
(NB to all Americans re the 'u' in Honourable, eh!)
and send you a pen (if you send us your address - all info kept confidential...);
If your suggestion is really good
, you may also qualify for the Get Stuffed award...

(or you can send me lots of money - American please since our Canadian peso is pretty sick right now...)
(PS:  Wifey would like suggestions about how to make money from this site, but
I'm having too much fun to think about my ROI or break-even point...)

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