“Turn Me Over”   “Pickup”
Looks like they had the right sign on this vehicle

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Waterfront Wireless Computing with big screen river display!
Keyboard in the Park
Beer that's almost fit for an athlete
Lean Beer
New 'compact' car for ladies
Lipstick Wheel
Harry's hairy leg shaving tips for bus passengers
Bus Legs - Close Shave Bus
When a little bull goes a long way
Touching Elephant Story
Training secrets from Arizona's best rock climber
Cactus Rock Climber
Backyard dining for a wine connoisseur
Wine Glass Chair
'Turf's Up' for this guy's plan to greenerize the city
Grass Walker
Converting sports cars to demo derby clunkers
Sports Car Delivery in Texas
3-year-old dog with paws the size of softballs
Text messaging in the early 1900's
Texting In The Old Days
Some neighbourhoods enforce their own speed limit
Speed Limit Warning
Demarco's life on the fence: should he stay or go?
Ghetto Hammock
... or eat the roses within
Stop And Smell The Flowers
Tale from an 'above par' golfer
Last Round of Golf
First  one out of the crib wins!
Tike Trike for a Fast Baby
Why you shouldn't go into the weeds looking for your golf ball
They Found Your Balls
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