Church Sign Messages

Biking Reverend on the Hayabusa Hearse

More Church Signs from the Faster Pastor

Church Sign - some questions can't be answered by Google

Church Sign - longer rush hours

Church Sign - stop praying for snow

Church Sign - stop stealing copper

Church Sign - don't text while driving

Church Sign - party in hell

Church Sign - what's missing from Church

Church Sign - how to make Holy Water

Church Sign - to be almost saved

Church Sign - who's your Daddy

Church Sign - Church parking only, trespassers baptised

Church Sign - user driendly tech support on Sundays

Church Sign - Eve blamed the snake

Church Sign - faith lift

Church Sign - plan a visit to this little Church

Church Sign - don't count sheep - talk to the Shepherd

Church Sign - speak well of enemies

Church Sign - study for final exams

Church Sign - still under Maker's Guarantee

Church Sign - God is Perfect - only man makes misteaks

Church Sign - Soul Agents

Church Sign - meek shall inherit the earth

Church Sign - good luck to atheist friends

Church Sign - God rises from the rubble

Church Sign - every day above ground is a good one

Signs from God

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