Medieval History by College Students
The Feudal World: the rise of the Manurial System
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During the Middle Ages everyone was middle aged. People lived in or near the soil. Most were kept busy sewing the crops. Surfs were dentured and bonded to the ground. In times of crisis the serfs would seek refuse in the lord’s castle.

Gratian, the leading Middle Evil authority on women, was born around 1140 B.C. A position as lady-in-mating helped a young girls’ chances for a marriage useful to her family. Wives of noblemen held certain power tools although they were branded with his symbol.

Hildegard of Bingen, whose parents were informed by a cow that she should be a nun, was later a musical composer, herbiologist, and abyss. Hildegard frequently used her mystical visions to put dents in the patriarch.

It is unfortunate that we do not have a medivel European laid out on a table before us, ready for dissection.

Medieval people were violent. Murder during this period was nothing. Everybody killed someone.

Power belonged to a patriarchy empowering all genders except the female. Nuns, for example, were generally women. In the early part of the Middle Ages female nuns were free to commit random acts of contrition and redemption. Later they were forcibly enclustered in harems.

Society was arranged like a tree, with your nobels in the upper twigs and your pesants grubbing around the roots. This was known as the manurial system where land was passed through fathers to sons by primogenuflecture. To some degree rulers diluted people into thinking that this was a religious operation.

The right of the first night let Lords spend the wedding night with the bride instead of the husband.

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