Beijing Olympics Fakebook
Classics in the Wong Time and the Wong Place

A Stranger in my Own Home Tong
A Whole Lhasa Shakin’ Goin’ On
Beijing the Beguine
Beijing Went the Strings of My Heart
Canton Races
China, China, Harvest Moon
Commie Irresponsible
Dimsum On the Ceiling
Ginseng in the Duck
Gong With the Wind
Great Wall’s Afire!
Hello Dalai
I’m Getting Sent a Mai Tai Over You
In The Coolie Coolie Coolie Of The Evening
If You Knew Suey Like I Know Suey
It Might As Well Beijing
It Was Szechuan of Those Things
Kimono My House
Mao Swell
Ming To Me
Mr. Sampan (Bring Me a Dream)
Mu-Shu-Tang Sally
Oolong Has This Been Going On?
Peking Whoopee
Red Sails in the Sun Yat Sen
Rice Work If You Can Get It
Send in the Kowloons
Shanghai the Moon
Shrimp Toast Is A-Comin’
Spring Roll Be a Little Late This Year
Starch Fell On Alabama
Tea For 1.4 Billion
The Mandarin I Love
The Mao I See You
The Suey With the Fringe On Top
Tibet Is Yet To Come
Tickee To Ride
Tien An Men Hands
Try a Little Tenderizer
Turn Out The SARS
Wokking My Baby Back Home
Yangtze Doodle Dandy
You Gotta Acc-U-Punc-Tu-Ate the Positive

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Groucho Marx and Jimmy Savile

Despicable Shoes

Prayer Conditioning

Lazy People Make Excellent Engineers

Spaghetti Western

Under The Weather

Backpack Barney

My Sweet Potato

Who Needs a Guard Dog?

My Next Life

Mouse Insider

Close Ups

Redneck Camera Phone

Mega Samurai Sudoku Puzzles

Redneck Cupboard

Homeless Signs

Floor Store

Mary Go Round

City Beach Castle
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