Plank Road
Building the world’s highest unsafe construction scaffolds
High jobs with high pay and high down-side

Workers build a footpath around the vertical slopes of Shifou Mountain
in Hunan Province, China.

This footpath is a plank road on the side of the mountain.
Once finished, it will stretch for 3km (9843 ft) and be
China’s longest sightseeing footpath.

48-year-old Yu Ji (below) is one of the workers - he’s been working on
high cliffs building such plank roads for more than 10 years. He says,
“Young people don’t want this job, as it requires them to stay deep in
the mountains for months or even years.”

Yu Ji takes charge of the most dangerous part of the project -
drilling the holes to set up pipes to support the footpath.

Building a plank road on Shifou Mountain is difficult because the cliff
stands vertical at 90 degrees, without any slope or alcoves.

A finished section of the footpath.

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