Asking For A Pay Raise

A man asked his boss for a raise in salary.

The boss replied,
What do you mean? Give you a raise? You don't work here at all.

Listen: there are 365 in the year - 366 this year, because it's a Leap Year.

The working day is 8 hours - that's one third of a day, so over the year that's 122 days.

The office is shut on Sundays so that's 52 off, making 70 days.

Then you have two weeks' holiday - take off 14 days which leaves 56.

There are four Bank Holidays which leaves 52.

Then the office is closed on Saturdays - isn't it?

Well, there are 52 Saturdays in the year - so you don't do anything here at all.

Yet you're asking me for a raise?

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