Winter in Wyoming

Riding for the elite in downtown Cheyenne (early 1900s)

Jethro’s trip came with elk cookies for the journey

Prairie Dog O'Byrne riding an elk in Old Colorado City or Cripple Creek

Correction: this is more likely Old Colorado City (Colorado Springs at
the turn of the century) or Cripple Creek. There was an eccentric goldminer in
Cripple Creek who had two elk named “Thunder” & “Buttons”.
Prairie Dog O’Byrne would ride to town on Sundays in a carriage
pulled by the two elk, accompanied by Laura Belle, his friend from the
red light district in Cripple Creek. All of the “gentile” ladies
in town would turn their heads when the carriage drove by.

Prairie Dog O'Byrne with two elk - Thunder and Buttons

Prairie Dog O’Byrne with Thunder & Buttons

Moose are the squirrels of Alaska. - Tim Moon

When I was a child, I wanted to raise horses in Wyoming or be a cabin boy on a pirate ship. - Sadie Jones

A moose is an animal with horns on the front of its head and a hunting lodge wall on the back of it. - Groucho Marx

I know runners who have suffered a tick bite and ended up with Lyme disease. I'll take an angry moose any day. - Don Kardong

Wolves directly affect the entire ecosystem, not just moose populations, their main prey, because less moose equals more tree growth. - Rolf Peterson

If you want to go foraging into the wilds of Canada without proper gear, you deserve what you get, even if that happens to include being attacked by an undead moose. - Mira Grant

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