Christmas Fruit Tree
No water needed - simply “wet” your appetite!
Decorating an edible Christmas tree

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Book Christmas Tree

Russian swim model finds place to cool off
Moscow Beach
Leroy doesn't like brushing up on himself
Redneck Birthday Present
Strategy change from headbutting to making head-lines
Zidane Is Fast
Planning your next 'Down Under' fishing charter
Fishing Trip in New Zealand
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Retro Cross #14
Word Search Puzzles
Way better than a Cowasaki
Bike Horse Power
Eat your heart out, Christopher Columbus!
Mariner's New World Watch
When deep sea creatures come a little too close
My Last Swim In The Ocean
Bubba’s 'Pool-ish Pride' fits all Down South pickups
Redneck Swimming Pools
Nothing better than a mouth full of bacon
Bacon High-Five
Reclaiming lost weight wait time
Heaven Can Weight
If you gotta go, do it in style!
Texas Outhouse Art
Duffy Damage Control
Canadian Senator Books
A new swinger in the family
Swing Dad
Marion County Police ask you to Choose Your Ride
Take Your Pick
Earl Grey in his early days
Tea Bait
Doing his best to clean up the neighbourhood
Painted Fence
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