Christmas Fruit Tree
No water needed - simply “wet” your appetite!
Decorating an edible Christmas tree

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Book Christmas Tree

When you can excuse the mess
Child Memories
Seek and ye shall find... most of the time
Leroy's Hearing
Canada's national animal goes trick-or-treating
Beever Costume
Bilingual signs along the Banff to Lake Louise highway
Slow Lent
Latest Samurai Sudoku Puzzle: #14927-31
Samurai Sudoku Puzzles
Easy-to-understand explanation of how the female mind works
A Woman's Mind
B.C.'s Ultimate Singletrack Experience
Bike Race Selfie
Root-bound computer programming - online branch office
Enjoying Canada Day on B.C.'s Sunshine Coast
'Pier' Pressure
Standing room only, if you can stand it
Busy Train
When food is left unattended at the picnic table
Watermelon Treat
A well-balanced relationship on the farm
All the world's information in just two books
Business School Basics
Latest Music Sudoku Puzzle: #14925
Music Sudoku Puzzles
Some Doctors recommend one glass of red wine per day
Red Wine Diet
Dog breeds for children
My Dog is Bigger Than Me
Making your last Facebook post an internet splash
Shark Selfie
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