Revenge of the Stallion
Horse'n  Around
How Bubba fell head over heals for his favourite mare

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Quarter Horse or Quarterhorse?
Revenge of the Birds

Boom noted in animal container cranes
Dock Giraffe
Scary arachnid guards house against trick-or-treaters
Scorpion Jack o'Lantern
What Bubba sees when hunting bear after a beer diet
Beer Bear
New place to hang boy's toys
Lego Key Holder
New Electrified 'Wire Smart' program parallels none other!
Transmission Line Parallel Bars
What's in a number?
An alternative to expensive signage preceeding an intersection
Traffic Hourglass
Do you suffer from Cirrhosis Of The River?
Nautical Sense of Humour
Something fishy spotted in Pismo Beach
Looking for friends with similar behaviours
Would You Like To Join A Club?
Think she is mad?
Cheating Husband
Emoticons' effect on the way we communicate
Before Emoticons
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