Laptop Cooler

Keeping your cool in the classroom

Cooling off your laptop during a hot class

Cooling a computer laptop with room air conditioning

Air conditioning (A/C or AC) is the process of altering the
properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to
more comfortable conditions, typically with the aim of
distributing the conditioned air to an occupied space such as
a building or a vehicle to improve thermal comfort and
indoor air quality. Normally, an air conditioner is used to
lower the air temperature. The cooling is typically achieved
through a refrigeration cycle, but sometimes evaporation or
free cooling is used. Air conditioning systems can also be made
based on desiccants.

Air conditioning can refer to any form of technology that
modifies the condition of air (heating, cooling, (de-)humidification,
cleaning, ventilation, or air movement). However, in construction,
such a complete system of heating, ventilation, and
air conditioning is referred to as heating, ventilation, and
air conditioning (HVAC, as opposed to AC).

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Desktop Computer Cooler


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