Record State Catfish Catch
Want to go swimming in Lake Texoma?

This catfish that a guy was caught at Lake Texoma
(which lies along the border of Texas and Oklahoma).
He was fishing from the shore with a 20 pound test line.
When he realized what a huge fish he had caught, he stayed
in the water with it and kept it close to shore with his hands.

He used his cell phone to call a friend and tell him to bring a scale.
The friend got there and the scale topped out at 100 pounds.

They took it to the nearby Bait shop and weighed it there. It weighed 121 pounds!

Luckily a Game Warden was there and called the Athens Freshwater Fisheries Center
and asked them if they wanted the fish. They sent a “live truck”
to the site and brought the fish safely to Athens.

They are getting it ready for the public to view.
The paper said that it would be two to three weeks before they’d
release into the public tank. They estimated that the 121 pound
catfish was about 27 years old!

Want to go swimming in Lake Texoma?

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