In-Debted For Life
Is tomorrow your system for paying bills?

A company sent me a notice that my bill was a year old, so I sent them a birthday card.

“Don’t worry about the money you owe me.”
“Why not?”
“There’s no need for both of us to worry.”

He believes in the hereafter – he’s always here after a few dollars.

He doesn’t owe everybody, but he’s getting there.

He has a great system for paying bills – he calls it “tomorrow.”

He has an all-electric home – everything’s charged.

He has the first dollar he ever earned – he got it yesterday.

He owes money that hasn’t been minted yet.

He tried to commit suicide the other day – he jumped off last week’s bills.

His debts aren’t quite as big as our national debt, but he didn’t get today’s mail yet.

His idea of Cloud Nine is Chapter Eleven.

To him, a debt is a gift you didn’t know about right away.

You have to give him a lot of credit – he has no cash.

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