Panda Bear Summer
Rare giant panda cub pictures

[JP Press, July 2007] Rare giant panda cubs were born in captivity,
including a pair of twins at China’s Wolong Panda Reserve and one at
Washington, D.C.’s National Zoo. The National Zoo’s newborn panda cub
is in good health, while its mother, Mei Xiang, is gaining confidence and
is utterly absorbed in caring for her baby. Relieved zoo officials said
they were pleased that the cub has done so well during its first critical
hours. Panda infants are born blind, vulnerable to infection and so tiny in
relation to their mother’s size that they can easily be crushed. The infant
weighed a quarter-pound at birth compared with Mei Xiang’s 250 pounds.
Veterinarians might not be able to get near the cub for weeks because panda
mothers are quite protective.

Twin Panda Bears born at China’s Wolong Panda Reserve...

The newborn cub at Washington, D.C.’s National Zoo was so small
and fragilethat he seemed to be more of a cat cub...

Attention, good care and all the time needed were spent so that the
little cub would grow healthy and beautiful...

In a week, he is already acting as a big” and powerful
animal sniffing around...

At 25 days, the cub begins to look like a panda. The specific
black spots have already appeared but he’s still blind...

After 30 days, the cub looks like a little pig...

In a couple more days, we have a brand new panda cub able
to eat and start to play by his own...

When he’s 85 days old, no one knows what he’s up to...

But he still is somehow funny and he sleeps just like a human baby...

Time for a 3 month celebration!

Post Note:  The twins and the single baby Panda Bears shown above
were actually born in July 2005, but news travels slowly
when you’re a Baby Panda Bear!

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