Sorry About The Mess
“Housekeeper of the Year” award goes to...

This is a Houston apartment, found during a recent hurricane evacuation
inspection. By the looks of the stained couch cushions, she didn’t move
very far from here. This is NOT hurricane damage -
the apartment was found this way prior to the hurricane.

Hard to believe there wasn’t a fire with all the cigarettes.
Did this woman ever hear of an ashtray? Nope - empty soda cups will do...

All the Febreze, Clorox and bleach in the world isn’t going to help this mess!

NOOOOOOOOO - not the computer!!!

Notice the small “butt free” area around the bottom of the mouse where her
hand rubbed the mouse pad, and what keys on the keyboard that were used...

Here come the gross parts...

I’m sure she had intentions of cleaning, but probably put it off till tomorrow...

I don’t want to even think what that pile on the sink is...

Always room for more pizza and do-nuts!

Remember when you last said to a visitor,
“Sorry about the mess, I haven’t done my cleaning yet today!”
After looking at this, it’s safe to say that your house is not so bad after all...

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