Step Drawers
Creating something out of nothing

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Santa's alternative reindeer sleigh in warm countries
Santa's Toy
Not a creature was stirring - not even my spouse
Genealogist's Night Before Christmas
Look at that escar-go!
Snail On The Run
Now On Sale for those who give a hoot!
2015 Hooters Owl Calendars (TWO)
Make your own Christmas Tree for great shavings!
Christmas Pencil Sharpener
Bring Christmas to your flying friends this Christmas
Christmas Birdhouse
How kids in Ohio get an early break for holidays
Early Christmas School Break
How to create hospital funding in Australia
Hospital Help
Turning into a key signature on the mountain slopes
Music Note Chairlift
Invite your whining, diverse group of employees to the company Christmas Party
Company Christmas Party - Whine and Dine
Purr-fect Christmas gift
Christmas Kittens
Clark Griswold plans for a bigger family Christmas this year
Griswold Christmas Tree
Bringing new meaning to a 'side' car
Motorcycle Side-Car
More rapid than X-lax his wooly sheep came
Redneck Night Before Christmas
Santa's a wreck - how to live in a world that's politically correct
Politically Correct Night Before Christmas
I was stuck at the office - the network was down
Networkologist's Night Before Christmas
Beware of open winter windows
Snow Zombie
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