Now Nut-Free

Caitlyn Jenner purse-onally sponsors “Breakfast of Champions”

Breakfast of Champions - Caitlyn Jenner now nut free

Remember the former U.S. Olympic multi-gold medal winner
Bruce Jenner? This photo was her ‘coming out’ debut on the cover of
Vanity Fair magazine which will hit the stands on Tuesday,
June 9, 2015. He/she recently had an hour long interview with
Diane Sawyer on the ABC network where Jenner stated ‘she’ had
always been a lady inside and now was about to do something about it.
She's already had breast implant surgery and sports a 36D bra.
‘Her’ new official name is Caitlyn Jenner.
Newfies shake their heads and say, “à chacun son goût”

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