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A married man is a caged bird. - Spanish Proverb

Men of few words are the best men. - William Shakespeare

Never slap a man who's chewing tobacco. - Will Rogers

Every man dies. Not every man really lives. - William Wallace

Character, not circumstances, makes the man. - Booker T. Washington

The greatest match a man can win is won within. - Unknown

Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you. - Carl Jung

Are they not men? Do they not have rational souls? - Antonio de Montesinos

I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man. - Jay-Z

The great majority of men are bundles of beginnings. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Try not to become a man of success but a man of value. - Albert Einstein

Men's best successes come after their disappointments. - Henry Ward Beecher

They are happy men whose natures sort with their vocations. - Francis Bacon

You will never get lessons on swimming from a drowning man. - Unknown

Every man knows he will die but no one wants to believe it. - Yiddish Proverb

He is a man, and he is afraid. This is not a good combination. - Kristin Hannah

No man is lonely eating spaghetti; it requires so much attention. - Christopher Morley

Old age is the most unexpected of all things that happen to a man. - Leon Trotsky

All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner. - Red Skelton

A man can be happy with any woman, as long as he does not love her. - Oscar Wilde

Every man regards his own life as the New Year’s Eve of time. - Jean Paul Richter

To save a man's life against his will is the same as killing him. - Horace

I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow, than a man swear he loves me. - William Shakespeare

What do I know of man's destiny? I could tell you more about radishes. - Samuel Beckett

Men who are unhappy, like men who sleep badly, are always proud of the fact. - Bertrand Russell

A failure is a man who has blundered but is not able to cash in on the experience. - Elbert Hubbard

A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason. - J P Morgan

Men show their characters in nothing more clearly than in what they think laughable. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

If a man smiles all the time he's probably selling something that doesn't work. - George Carlin

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. - David Brinkley

The wisdom of man never yet contrived a system of taxation that would operate with perfect equality. - Andrew Jackson

A wise man will never tell his wife to keep quiet. He will tell her she looks beautiful with her mouth closed. - Unknown

I met a man at a party. He said, "I'm writing a novel." I said, "Oh, really? Neither am I." - Peter Cook

The best measure of a man's honesty isn't his income tax return. It's the zero adjust on his bathroom scale. - Arthur C. Clarke

Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares? He's a mile away and you've got his shoes. - Billy Connolly

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A physician is obligated to consider more than a diseased organ, more even than the whole man — he must view the man in his world. - Harvey Cushing

Painting is a blind man's profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen. - Pablo Picasso

In this year, King Aethelstan, Lord of Warriors, ring-giver to men... won eternal glory, in battle with sword edges, around Brunaburh. - Unknown

Men may change their climate, but they cannot change their nature. A man that goes out a fool cannot ride or sail himself into common sense. - Joseph Addison

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