Time Flies
When you’ve got time to kill on the farm
Sticky clock latest gizmo to “fly” off the shelves

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2 Pi Watch
Best Clock Ever
Bike Chain Clock
Clock Sudoku
Digital Analog Clock
Genuine Fake Watches
James Bond’s Telepathic Watch
Lie Clock
Mariner’s New World Watch
Math Clock
Math Watch
Newfie Cab Driver - Can You Guess His Number?
Newfoundland Digital Clock
Redneck Watch
Solar System Watch
Spider Time
Who Cares Clock
Word Puzzle Clock
Working Round The Clock


Sudoku Sampler B

Cold Corners

Leaning Straight

Burqa Ban

Steak Sale

Same Mistake Twice

Redneck Flu Shot

Coveted Car

A Balanced Diet

Rainbow Road

Equal Rights Church

British League of Pessimists

Bacon Munchies

Poutine Pizza

Daily Trivia E

Kangaroo On Ice

No-Lake Picture

Everywhere Bird

Chair Spin Day

Duck Gears
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