John Travolta Parks His Boeing 707 Next to Home!
Fly-in Homes of the Rich & Famous

OCALA, Central Florida  23-Nov-2004 [JP] What do you do when your
neighbours won't let you park your Boeing 707 outside your home?
You move to another “housing development” - one that lets you have
close-parking privileges, complete with a 1.4-mile airstrip!

Following a lifelong love of aviation, 70's TV phenom actor John Travolta
now lives in Jumbolair, just north of Ocala, Florida. Shown are two of
Travolta's jets - a Gulfstream and a Boeing 707B - there aren't very many
non-commercial airstrips where planes of that size can take off and land.
About a decade ago, Travolta had a home in a fly-in community near Daytona,
but was sued by neighbours who claimed his jet airplanes were too big
and noisy for their facility.

The very layout of his new house is testament to Travolta's love of flying. It's
located immediately off the main airstrip, and is designed so his jets can taxi
right up to two outbuildings connected to the main structure, which is shaped
like a squat air-control tower. Travolta literally can walk out his door, under a
canopied walkway and into the cockpit, open the long mechanized gate and
be airborne in a matter of minutes.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration pilot database, Travolta
is qualified in several types of single and multi-engine aircraft, and has
the highest pilot medical certification possible.

“We know that Travolta's an accomplished pilot. A lot of people fly for the
pleasure of it, and he's one of them,” said John Clabes, an FAA spokesman.
“If you have this many ratings on these types of high-performance aircraft,
you're obviously a good pilot.”

In layman's terms, Travolta has enough experience flying large multi-engine
jets that he could easily switch to piloting commercial airliners for a living -
but why bother when you can make a hobby of it? 49-year old Travolta flies
daily from Ocala to Tampa to shoot “The Punisher,” an action movie based
on the comic book, set to be released next summer...
Tough life, but someone has to do it, eh?

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