Redneck Fifth Wheel
Almost air-safe hitch - engineering marvel?
Safety first when hauling a Redneck trailer

Bubba’s hooked up and ready to fly!
The extra weight really smoothed out the truck ride,
even though he did have to air up the rear tires a bit (around 160 psi).

Bubba’s best friends advised him to use heavy-duty chain for extra support on
the tailgate (he even used Heavy-Duty “S” hooks to attach the chain).
And for extra safety, Bubba also paid for BIG 5/16” sheet metal screws
to attach the frame to the tailgate.
Yeah, it’s overkill, but Bubba didn’t want the possibility of having an accident.

Much of his time was spent on the front porch whittling down that MASSIVE 4x4 board to
fit precisely into the ball mount receiver - using a 14” piece of 4x4 to
help distribute the load more evenly.
It cost a little more, but you just can’t be too safe when pulling a trailer of this magnitude!

Look out Utah - here he comes...

You might say that things went off without a hitch...
Hidden Hitch - the leader in custom trailer hitch and accessory products

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