Golfer Who Can’t Change
Looking for change on the golf course

Gene had just finished his first shot on the ninth hole at the Northview Golf Club in Surrey and was approaching his second shot when he heard a noise in the nearby bushes. Not having seen any golfers previously playing before him, he thought that perhaps another golfer was having a “rest relief” break.

Just about to start his next shot with a Three Iron, the person in the bushes shouted out to him, “Heh - you got any paper?” Quite disturbed by the unwelcome disturbance, Gene muttered back, “No - I don’t have any paper.”

Getting ready for his shot again, the voice from the bushes became more urgent, “Have you got any spare clothing with you - or a golf rag on your cart? Anything!!!” Once again, Gene shouts back, “No - I don’t!”

Now Gene was quite upset, and just wanted to get away from the bush. So he reached into his golf bag for a Six Iron… Setting up for the swing, the voice from the bush comes back to him, “Got change for a twenty dollar bill?”

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