If Julius Caesar designed motorcycles...
Motorcycle trials for next NASCAR road race

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When a farmer goes to the beach
Beach Farmer
Who left the tap running?
Hotel Waterfall
The spell checker appears to have failed
Dent Wizard
Special occasion dress - for when he 'pops' the question
Pop Can Tab Dress
Latest Chess Sudoku Puzzle: #15327
Chess Sudoku Puzzles
How grandpa communicates with the baby
Mustache Soother
Finding a place on the roof for gun control
Gun Exhaust
Coffee creation from Sydney, Australia
Cup of Mona Lisa
Where shed baby teeth go after the pillow
Tooth Ferry
How to stand alone as a Grandmaster
Chess On The Wall
A watered-down Apple - water ya see is water ya get!
At least Google driverless cars stay on the road
Found The Apple Maps Car
Some salt licks are disguised as dogs
Speaking in Tongues for Animals
Why does everything always happen to me?
Baby's Off Day
Now Bubba can keep track of how many days 'til Christmas
Redneck Advent Calendar
Spam garburator - giving the boot to unsolicited mail
Mac Mailbox
Easing the stress of a hurt relationship
Falling In Love
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