Justice Is Blind

Is she wearing a blindfold?

Disputing the “Innocent until proven guilty” premise

Themis - the 'God of Justice' at B.C. Courthouse, Vancouver

Exhibit A: We all know that in a fair justice system, everyone is innocent until
proven guilty, but, just as a matter of speculation, what if the accused are
100% guilty of a crime? Is it “justice” that allows their defense lawyers to find
“reasonable doubt” after six year’s delay? Or to find minute technical differences
in evidence in an attempt to discredit witnesses? Seems to me that in these
instances, the REAL criminals and what REALLY happened are not on trial -
the procedures are.
Perhaps there is room for doubt: is a conviction of 99%, 96% or 85% guilty going to
help the REAL victims in a trial? Where is the “Defense” counsel for murdered
victims - do we need another counsel group that is allowed to speak for the
defense-less (i.e. Counsel C) to clarify technical issues related to what is initially
deemed as “inadmissible evidence”?
How can a society progress when it allows gang members to
make a mockery of justice? And what is “justice” to a drug dealer / enforcer?
Why is it that they have absolutely no respect for law when they commit their
crimes, yet fully use and abuse law when it serves their purposes in
criminal proceedings? Or is such a trial necessary so that next time
they get better at avoiding getting caught for their actions, or finding a better
defense lawyer (or heaven forbid, even more defense lawyers) to uncover more
unconsequential loopholes? But I digress, since,
thank goodness I am not a lawyer, and...

Disclaimer: Note that all people, places and events mentioned above (Exhibit A),
and all the above rambling comments above (Exhibit A) are not related to, nor
have anything to do with the “Surrey Six Trial” (Exhibit B) which is coincidentally
taking place in Vancouver, B.C., starting on September 30, 2013, six years after the
original slayings occurred on October 19, 2007 at the Balmoral Tower in Surrey, B.C.

Exhibit B: In this “Surrey Six Trial”, three gangsters are accused in one of the
most heinous murders in B.C. history: Matthew Johnston, Cory Haevischer and
Quang Vinh Thang (Michael) Le. Together, with Dennis Karbovanec (who pleaded
guilty to second-degree murder in 2009) and Jamie Bacon, they are accused of
killing Edward Narong, Corey Lal, Michael Lal, Ryan Bartolomeo in a gang-related
slaying. Ed Schellenberg and Chris Mohan were also killed as innocent bystanders.
May justice prevail for all of the accused, and if they are not guilty (as they all
pled), my sympathy goes out to them. However, if they are guilty (in whole or part),
may REAL justice be dealt in this case... but of course, in a legal sense -
not in the style that they themselves have become accustomed to...

I wonder what Ed Schellenberg and Chris Mohan would think,
looking down at these proceedings...

Quote from CBC’s Royal Canadian Air Farce, “... but I’m not bitter!”

by Joe Defries, brother-in-law of Ed Schellenberg

The trouble with law is lawyers.” - Clarence Darrow

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