Middle Ages History by College Students
A Plague of Boobs

World history as told by college students - mangled moments of civilization from Term Papers and Exams...

A class of yeowls arose.

After a revival of infantile commerce slowly creeped into Europe, merchants appeared. Some were sitters and some were drifters. They roamed from town to town exposing themselves and organized big fairies in the countryside.

Castles became more elaborate with thick walls, moats, and towers topped by rows of crustaceans.

Escaped peseants could be free if they went to a city and hid there for a hundred years and a day.

Finally, Europe caught the Black Death. The bubonic plague is a social disease in the sense that it can be transmitted by intercourse and other etceteras.

In the 1400 hundreds most Englishmen were perpendicular.

The Black Death was spread from port to port by inflected rats. It was then passed around by midgets. Victims of the Black Death grew boobs on their necks. Death rates exceeded one hundred percent in some towns.

John Huss refused to decant his ideas about the church and was therefore burned as a steak.

Kings resented Popal authority. This caused the so-called Divestiture Controversy and led to the Bolivian Captivity of the Church. The French king moved the Popes to Arizona where he could keep an eye on them.

Martin Guerre, a French pesent, did not even seem to care if his wife produced a hare.

Monks failed to practice morals between their prayers. The Council of Constance failed to solve this even though Constance herself tried very hard. Followers of Wyclif were known as Mallards.

New things loamed on the horizon.

New weapons forced the nobels to deride from their horses. The longbow, for example, was a kind of bow and arrow only more painful. Knights now had to carry plates into battle.

Revolters ran apluck.

This was a time of stunned growth. The plague also helped the emergence of English as the national language of England, France, and Italy.

Women were nowhere to be found.

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