Middle East History by College Students
Hydrangia transportation to Mecca?

[World history as told by college students - mangled moments of civilization from Term Papers and Exams...]

Every Moslem is encouraged to go to Mecca on a hydrangia.

Islam was founded around 1900. The Koran took place during the Tang Dynasty. Believers take the five pills of faith. Ramadan is the feast of fast-breaking. Hindus are Muslims from India. Sunnites believe in the sun. The Druze are an Islamic sex. Some are restrictualists and others disagree. Women are very oppressed in Iran, where they are forced to be in a chapatti for all activities. The idea here is to keep them barefoot and child-proof. Shiites are Islamic feminists.

Mosques are what the people are required to wear to church.

Taliban is the language of Africa.

The Baathist Party stands for socialism and personal cleanliness.

The Iran-Iraq War was fought in the nineteenth century between the Arabs and Israel. The Camp David Accord was when Reagan ended the Iran-Iroque War. Saddam Hussein is ruler of the Iraquois who used venomous gas and kamakazies against his own people. This was an act of premedication. An angry world proclaimed him to be abdominal.

The Iranian Revolution led to the power of Komoto as supreme one.

The main problem in the Middle East today is that there are problems. There would not be all these problems if the West Bank would lend more money to the Arabs and if the Palaced Indians were not so troublesome. Many of the countries suffer rule by monocolism.

The Pershing Gulf War began when Satan Husane invaided Kiwi and Sandy Arabia.

The P.L.O. is the airline of Israel.

The U.S. Secretary of State is Coleman Paul.

We are glad that the Persian war ended with victory to the cotillion. Current cause for concern is the creeping of fomentalism among the people. This spells out the whole thing in a nuthouse.

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