The Good Old Days

Instantaneous invigorators & cures of the 1900’s

Bottle of Bayer’s heroin
The Good Old Days - Bayer Heroin
Between 1890 and 1910 heroin was sold as a non-addictive substitute
for morphine. It was also used to treat children with a strong cough.

Coca Wine, anyone?
The Good Old Days - Coca Wine
Metcalf’s Coca Wine was one of a huge variety of wines with cocaine on
the market. Everybody used to say that it would make you happy and
it would also work as a medicinal treatment.

Mariani Wine
The Good Old Days - Mariani Wine
Mariani wine was the most famous Coca wine around 1875.
Pope Leo XIII used to carry one bottle with him all the time.
He awarded Angelo Mariani (the producer) with a Vatican gold medal.

Paper Weight
The Good Old Days - Paper Weight
A paper weight promoting C.F. Boehringer & Soehne (Mannheim, Germany).
They were proud of being the biggest producers in the world of products
containing Quinine and Cocaine.

Opium for Asthma
The Good Old Days - Asthma Opium
Considered safe since it contained no more than 40% alcohol opium.

Cocaine Tablets
The Good Old Days - Cocaine Tablets
All stage actors, singers, teachers and preachers had to have them in the 1900’s
for a maximum performance. Great to “smooth” the voice.

Cocaine Toothache Drops
The Good Old Days - Cocaine Toothache Drops
This would make them sleep well - Opium with 46% alcohol.

Opium for Newborns
The Good Old Days - Opium for Newborns
Very popular for children in 1885. Not only did they relieve the pain,
they made the children happy.

No wonder they were called “The Good Old Days”!

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