Hawaii Scuba Bus
You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Maui

see also   Diving,  License PL8  &  Surfing  Sections
Conch Crab Special to Attract Beach Babes
Golf Birdie in Hawaii
Hawaii Surfing
Hawaiian Surfboard Trade
Headset Warning
Kelp Us!
Land Surfing
Motorbike Surfing
Riding a BIG Wave - Surf’s Up or Surf’s Down?
Spot The Surfer
Surf Lessons
Surf-In Lunch Snack
Surfer’s Dilemma - Oh No!
Surfing Car
Waves of Hawaii
Wife Download - Beach Intervention Technique

How surfers cook food in Kihei, Maui
Home Maid Meals
Celebrity profiles - kitchen perspective
Reese Witherspoon
Florida wholesale shoppers take advantage of bulk sale towels
Costco Beach Towel
Chewable posts attract illiterate animals
No Feeding
Sailing on the top of a diamond
How to add a finishing touch to a fairy tale
Three Pigs Ad-Lib
What happens when you hire a colour-blind labeler
Black And White Cookies
Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 15094-95
2fer Sudoku Puzzles
Cleanliness in the Mooternity ward
Cow Shower
How not to secure a load safely
Every ice cream cone has its last lick
Wait 'til It Falls
Some travel in Greek is not Orthodox
Greek Monk
Lose any more weight and they'll become Plantains
Boneless Bananas
Woman climbs Great Wall of China to avoid paying admission fee
Admission Avoidance
Finding the best time to hang up the cell phone
Phone Etiquette
What it takes to succeed in da hood
Detroit High School - Math Proficiency Exam
Misdirected signs of fire safety
Don't Block the Frie Exit
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